Friday, November 13, 2009


Aunt Joyce called this a gymgasm.  Correct.  Finally, a choreographer and a gymnasts who understand that if you are going to do a floor routine to music as BIG and melodramatic as this, you got to have some personality under the hood and some damn fine choreography to sell it.
It took Anna Li and Miss Val to do the job.
And lordy it is exciting to see someone choreograph slow dance.  It seems these days everyone is afraid to let their gymnasts dance slowly- lest we see the flaws!
Anyway, I love this very much.  Can't wait to see what else is coming from the Bruins floor this year.

Or watch HERE


  1. Magnificent choreography :)) Wish we saw this more in elite competitions!!
    Thanks for posting this video.

  2. Just one word: AMAZING!

  3. I love the music as well!!

    You know what it is?

  4. I've been waiting for someone to choreograph a floor routine to "Requiem For A Dream" for ages! So glad they pulled it off! Great job, I'm looking forward to see that in international competition!

  5. wow wow and more wow

  6. Stunning. The only elites I could possibly see pulling this off at the moment are Anna Pavlova (although I'm not sure she'll be back since her knee injury) and Ksenia Semenova. last year I wouldn't have thought Semenova could do it but her dance this year was much mroe dramatic and I reckon she could give it a good go.

  7. I think i saw a butterfly. did i see a butterfly?
    Requiem for a dream is an awesome piece and the dance does it justice - very striking!