Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mostepanovafan has put up another great gymnastics guide on Youtube.  This time it is a guide to leaps and jump on floor.  Lovely to watch, and, as usual, very informative.

(or watch HERE)

The one thing that will strike you, is how very low the difficulty scores are for leaps and jumps.  No wonder no  we don't see much beauty or innovation in this part of the floor exercise.  The code simply does not make it worth it, does it?
I mean look at Pavs straddle jump full turn to front support.  It's worth a pissy (excuse my language but it makes me cross) B grading.  We are luck she bothered at all.  It's a fantastic looking move and gets nothing.

Also, bring back the butterfly (Dobre does it in this montage).  It's so, so pretty.  And I love me a tour jete too, and the one into ring Maloney does.  Very balletic.  I kind of love these turning cat leaps Hypolito and Ban did too and Zammos wolf jump into front support.  Very Cool.

Question, does that leap, I am fairly sure it is called a cabriole, that Nastia did in her floor routine, a leap I loved soooo much (in fact it was my favorite thing she did) rate in the code of points?  Or was it just for some pretty?



  1. The cabriole is an A... I have one in my floor routine as well. I loved the way Nastia did it... poetry in motion. :)

  2. I love original leaps and jumps like pavlova's, and also shushunovas, but other leaps like tour jete 1.5 or switch full...No thanks. They're ugly. And they always occupy several seconds of the routine.

  3. This shows how broken the code is for floor. Gymnasts don't even have choices for value part "dance" skills. They have to all do the same 5 skills, ALL of which ruin flow and are performed badly by almost all. It used to be that gymnasts had the opportunity to play to their strengths and be creative, not really anymore.

  4. Pretty much any jump or leap with more than a full turn seems to lose the plot. They lack visual appeal, break the flow of movement (as others have mentioned) and often the last .5 turn is cheated. UG-LY. I wish the code would require two A jumps/leaps (or something like that) per routine - like they require a full turn on beam. It's an easy skill, but would add to the routine's aesthetics.

    Also, and this is not very important, but I would love to see a gymnast do a split or ring leap with the legs at an angle to the floor (rather than having them parallel to the floor). Just because it looks nice. :)

  5. what would a pike jump with full turn to front support be worth?