Saturday, November 14, 2009

Strictly Petra, who commented on the last post is right.  I wish the elites would take a leaf outta the Bruin books and get themselves some choreography that don't hurt to watch!!

I don't get it.  Sam knows the value of Miss Val.  So does Cassie.  Hell, Nastia adores Mis Val.  So why in hell doesn't Martha know about her?  Why on God's green earth don't they haul Miss Val into one of their ranch camps and put her to work whooping all those generally spazzy elite routines into shape?

The only problem would be where to start.  It'd be worse than triage in a packed E.R.  Who to start with?  I'm thinking it's Rebecca Bross..... but then there's Kayla Williams....


  1. Because Marta would never let any other person take the glory away from her, duh. Miss Val would not only know her gymnastics, she'd be a human being as well.

  2. Do you know how much work goes into the NCAA season? Shes only human!!

  3. I know, but we can dream that she can be everywhere at once, choreographing beyootiful routines for all, can't we?!!!