Tuesday, November 17, 2009


(photo from Gymbox)

Ana Porgras found her balance with her adjusted beam routine and took the gold in Stuttgart by a large margin over Ksenia Semonova and Germany's Maike Roll.  An injury prevented her from competing on floor.

This win has probably helped Ana's confidence since worlds.  She told Prosport earlier this week that her main focus now is on contributing the team.  This is not surprising considering next year is the beginning of qualifications for London 2012 and consolidating team line ups for the coming quad.  I expect Porgras will be a key memeber.

It will be interesting to see who remains from the previous quad.  As Porsport reported, Anamaria Tamirjan's injuries, hip pain and a cyst in her left knee, which was to be operated on shortly, have been further complicated by an injury to her right meniscus.  She told Prosport that she wants to coninue to fight for a podium place.

Safe to say Gabi Dragoi may drop by the wayside over the nextv couple of years, considering she was not initially selected for the Worlds line up.  It remains to be seen how and if Izbasa will be able to return to form.  If things go this way, we may see an entirely new team for London, with Ana Porgras as its old lady.  Wouldn't that be funny!

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  1. She is still a bit wobley here and there but so much better than at the worlds!!
    I like here so much, she reminds me of Nadia back in the day :)
    I think we are going to see lots of here in the coming years!