Saturday, November 21, 2009


(picture from Gymbox )

One of Aunt Joyce's recent posts reminded me of Lisa Skinner.....

One of Australia's most gifted gymnasts, Lisa attended a record three Olympic Games.  She retired a couple of times, but just kept on coming back to the sport!

Lisa provided one of Aussie gym fans first proudest Olympic moments, when she qualified to the Sydney 2000 floor finals.  For once, gymnastics took centre stage, as the usual television broadcast of Australian Olympic events, like repeats of the swimming finals or men's hockey were halted so the whole country could watch Lisa perform.

Unfortunately Lisa's routine, though terrific, was the only routine not worth a 10.0 start value ( a testament to how brilliantly she performed in the prelims)  and had a fall. She came eighth.  Still, the kooky, flamboyant routine, which demonstrated her amazing flexibility and talent for movement was one of the most memorable performances of the games.

Opinion always seemed to be somewhat divided wether much of Lisa Skinner's floor choreography was too outlandish to be great, or just plain wonderful.

What do you guys think?  Crazy or cool?

Me?  I just tend to think crazy cool!

Sydney Prelims)
(I'm with the person who commented on the 24-30 secs bit. HOT!)

Her 1996 Olympic Trials Prelim Routine
(someone commented on her 2000 routine how much she looks like Shayla Worley. Well, you can really see the resemblance at age fifteen.)
Or watch it HERE

Lisa performing in the Australia vs Spain in 1999

It's gymnasts like Lisa who make me pine for an Australian college sport system. Or at least wish despondently that she could have become a Bruin.

Of course she now works for Cirque De Soleil.  Apparently, she also designed some of Australia's national team leotards.



  1. I love the choreography.

  2. One aspect of Australian gymnastics that I love is the originality present in so many routines, particularly floor routines. Lisa Skinner has it in spades - and, to top it off, she's a lovely dancer and quite elegant (like so many other Australian gymnasts). Great post on a great gymnast! ;-)

  3. I always loved Lisa Skinner. Her floor at the 2000 olympics was great! I really liked her style and she has incredably beautiful eyes!

  4. So good to see some Lisa love! My fav Aussie gymnast EVER! To top it off she was a QLDer! Such a pity she didn't have a stronger vault in the AA at the Sydney games as I feel she would have finished higher then the amazing 8th she managed. She always had original moves on all apparatus... remember her valdez to sit on Beam as well as her double turn then on bars her slip grip release. Also amazing landings from Bars. Good on her for an amazing career and for not retiring permenatly just coz she was 16/18 or even 20!