Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanks so much to Chris, who sent me an email to tell me to take a look at this particular vid.  As Chris pointed out, this little girl, Anastasia Grishina, would have won the beam title at this year at the London World Championships.  How did the Russians get so deep all of a sudden?  Before this past few years there seemed to be a dearth of uninjured youth, a handful of old, too-injured gymnasts who were ready to put themselves out to pasture and just a few shining talents.  Now it seems there is talent rising up the youth ranks at every age level.
She has lovely long legs (for a shorty!), pretty form, nice connections, a much-loved (by me) illusion turn and an amazing oversplit!

or watch it HERE

Also, watch her 2009 floor routine (which i like SO much better than her 2008 one). Great music and some very interesting dance moves. Tumbling pretty basic, but she has a talent for twisting and spinning in any direction!

Or watch it HERE

 Anastasia is thirteen.  Like small Japanese wonder Murakami Mai, let's hope they look after her.

Again, thanks Chris!



  1. I don't think that floor routine is labeled right... the name in the back on the board during the routine is for someone named Maria...

  2. I can't wait for all these magnificent juniors to make their way into the senior ranks...2012 will be a really exciting year!! Watch out Jordyn Wieber!

  3. Yes, she's really good. Hopefully she and Komova will be on Russia's Junior Euros team next year. I think they'll actually be able to field a better team next year than the one that dominated Jnr Euros in 2008.

    Also, it's an interesting situation with all these talented 1996 girls because, with the new rule changes, they won't be able to go to Worlds in 2011. I wonder what kind of an effect that will have, if any.

  4. It's refreshing to see the full turn with leg at horizontal on beam beginning to peter out in favor of the far prettier and less painful looking double turns.

    Quite a little gem there. I'm REALLY excited about the next three years - there is some serious talent coming up through the ranks, especially in Russia. Please stay healthy...please stay healthy...


  5. "Holy Hell" was my reaction too!
    She, to me, (and I can't believe I'm saying this) is a combination of Ana Porgras & Shawn Johnson. Amazing amazing potential. I'm glad she's 2012 eligible, but I hope she doesn't break by then.

  6. Jen, this is definitely the floor routine of Anastasia Grishina. Here is the link to her performance at the 2009 Russian Junior Championships:
    The Spartakiada floor routine of Maria Dunaeva can be found here: (hope the links work).

  7. No, the floor is definitely labelled correctly (it's also Grishina's mother who uploaded the video and I don't think she'd get something like that wrong...). The board is referring to a different gymnast.

  8. Aaaah. Gymgasm. I can definitely call myself a Grishina fan now. That was gorgeous.