Monday, November 9, 2009

Aly Raisman- A Few Thoughts...

1.  I can totally totally see why Aunt Joyce calls her Alicia II.  That vaulting and tumbling?  Total shades of Sacramone.

2.  Whoever commented on Youtube that Alexis just seems to walk into her tumbles- so true!  In fact she seems to just wander into them!  She looks like she could just be sauntering down the street, chuck a triple twist, and keep walking without blinking!

3.  I wonder, as she gets older, if, like Alicia, she will have to curb a tendency to over rotate when she gets nervous and excited, especially on her first passes because of all her power.  And also when she gets older and has to work a bit harder for those tumbles.  Lucky her tumbling is so big she doesn't take much of a run-up!!  Though maybe she won't have the same problems because she tumbles quite slowly.

4.  I don't know who does the chorey at Brestyan's but my, aren't they big fans of the butt shake- wide arms- butt  thrust dance series over there?!!!


  1. I seem to recall reading somewhere that she actually is using bits and pieces of Alicia's choreography. That would explain the but shake wide arms butt thrust dance. XD

  2. I find her choreography much better than say Courtney Kupets! At least this girl understands the music (which is Latin, therefore what she does is a little more appropriate)

    I hope though that they're going to work on her bars at least a little bit. They are atrocious!

  3. I like her, she's got potential. She could be useful in the coming years, but those leaps HAVE to get better or she won't be going for much individual success on BB/FX.

    BTW her name's Alexandra, not Alexis, the uploader got it wrong.

  4. I think I remember reading somewhere that Alicia has been working with Raisman, so that probably adds to why the "Alicia II" nickname isn't so far off. It might explain the but shake choreography, as well.

  5. My concern is that she seems so bored out there. Routine is peppy but but she shows no real feeling.

  6. That was horrible. She has no presentation or dance ability at all. Alicia could sell her routines.

    Beautiful vaults

  7. And whoever does the choreo loves to use the same music. I guess if you want to make a gymnast Alicia II, you use ASac's famous floor music too.