Saturday, October 3, 2009

USA Team

Just what we thought. Bross, Sloan, Williams and Hong.  Hunter and Caquatto are reserves.  well, well.
(says Aunt Joyce, anyway!)



  1. Does anyone else feel bad for Jana Bieger? She hasn't looked good lately (ill or healthy). Just looking back at 06 Worlds, I can't help but feel bad at how poorly the last 2yrs have gone for her. Why not take time off to a) rest b) get into [better] shape c) polish her skills :-/ ...She's by no means a favorite of mine but it must suck to have come in 2nd all-around a few years back to now not even being an alternate with all of the power names out of game...


  2. I feel bad for Casie and Casie only. She was robbed. She proved herself at both camps and got left off in favor or gymnasts that did not prove themselves RIP OFF

  3. How do we know that Casie did so well and thus was ripped off? Just wondering...I definitely wish trials were at least streamed on-line that way there would be more transparency in the process. -Khloe

  4. Cassie won floor at camp one.(third on bars) Was second on camp two at floor and first on bars.