Thursday, October 15, 2009



Well quals was fun. Twelve hours of straight gymnastics. What is not to like?!! And also, me and the other diehard Romania fans who have been following this girl for a while now are feeling pretty bloody happy (as well as vindicated) right now!!  Here's some randon thoughts. I'm tired!


Lauren Mitchell.  Good girl!  While so many big guns (including Bross) were really unsteady all day  Mitchell was solid.  She came out so late in the day, held that beam routine together and was generally great all around. 
(I think she had a bleeding rip that she took to beam though, because they rushed around to clean up the beam after she performed!!)
And two event finals?! I am buzzing with proud right now.

Ana Porgras.  Just beautiful.  Made me feel good about the sport.  She was lovely, lyrical, skillful AND interesting.  That's the kind of gymnast i can't get enough of.  She has personality and performance quality.  She is my world champion.

The return of the lovely, fun, and i hadn't quite realised, very tall Elsa Garcia. She kicked butt for her own big comeback performace. AA and vault finals. Go Elsa!!!

Some great gymnasts in the middle ranks who were either impressively steady interesting and lovely, or all of the above. Elizabeth Seitz. Mayra Kroonen,Nathalia Sanchez, Koko Tsurumi.

Myzdrikova's floor.  Great tumbling.  And I have said it once, and i will say it again, I ADORE the way she lands some salto skills from the place she took off.  It's awesome!

Sydney Sawa proving her mettle for team Canada, for the most part she was really steady and great.

Kim Un Hyang's beam routine. Loved that routine. It was crazy good!

|Deng Linlin being rock steady in her subdivision. Go Deng!


Shona Morgan- I didn't see properly what happened when she came off vault, but the poor girl must have been in terrible pain because she did not even lift her head from her hands for what felt like hours.  Awful.  Hope she is okay.  You guys probably know more than me.

Still with the Aussies, I was sad to see Georgia Bonora struggle on floor because she had put together three strong, steady rotations and was looking really impressive. She did look tense though,more tense than a lot of the girls and I was wondering if she could maintain her performance.

Jessica Lopez did not have a great day, which was sad because of how much they wanted to be the first Venezuelan finalists.  Next time, Jess.   Lopez is so tiny, i think she can go for quite a while in this sport. It isn't over for her.

Not seeing Emily Armi in the AA finals. She was terrific in qualifications. I was so impressed with her. Oh well, she has years left in her gymnastics, and probably more to learn.

Anamaria Tamirjan standing there trying not to look as if she was crying, which she clearly was, after she came off beam.  Poor girl.  Her floor afterwards was very nice though.

Not a good day for Semenova all around.  She wasn't her usual infectious self, even during floor, where she often lights up.    Hope she can improve for Friday.

Rebecca Bross- sorry guys, but I don't mind Rebecca Bross ad I really admire her skills, but frankly, live, her gymnastics was the biggest yawn ever.  There are only skills to her gymnastics and it is not enough for me.


Can I just say how hilarious it was to hear Martha Karolyi saying to her companion behind me as she watched Lauren Mitchell's floor ex "I don't know vot eet eez.  She eez not fantastics, but zer is somezing about her zo good" !!!!!!

It was only funny once it was clear she was safe, but Rebecca Downie's fabulous stack, which involved stumbling back and backward rolling OFF the podium was pretty damn entertaining. When will she learn not to overdo that dismount? She did the same thing at Euros, falling back, albeit less spectacularly!!

A gang of tweenies start to approach Dominique Moceaunu near the concourse, Sevtlana Boginskaya sees them coming, grabs Dom's arm and hisses at her "Come on, ve go now! Queeck!" But she was too late. And then one of the girls father's recognised Bogey too, and it was all over! Photo time!

The girls who were hired to give out leaflets for GK elite leotards, accidently trying to give a chance to win a free leo to two of the Japanese gymnasts before they realised they probably didn't need them. Very cute!


  1. what happened to Sanne Wevers? I can't read Dutch!

  2. Thanks for your updates!! I love this blog!

  3. Great summary of the Qualifications! You are great! Thank you!

  4. I felt the same about Bross, in person her gymnastics is just not that fun to watch. I saw her at both nights of nationals and yes, she is kind of a snooze. Big skills, but something about them seems so wooden--like even her dance is not much more than a memorized movement, executed flawlessly. I appreciate how good she is, but I don't like to watch her.

  5. but that Rebeccas switch leap on floor is gorgeous