Friday, October 2, 2009


Recently, a person who frequents the IG forum has been sending me some great contribution to the newest World's Worst and Best Leotard contest.  This has been great, and she also gave the competition a shout out on the forum, which i was ever so grateful for.
Some of the people's comments made me realise that people think the contest was ALL my choices.  It wasn't.  Many, many of them were leos that readers sent in to me.  I didn't always agree either.
It got me thinking about what were my favorite leotards from that competition.
Here are a few that come to mind...

(I am a total sucker for this one)

(I really, really like this aquamarine shade the Russians incorporated into their team leos)

(My all-time favorite China red Leo)

(I love black leos, and I love floral motifs.  So happy-making!)

But to be honest, when all is said and done, I love, love love the old Classic Soviet red v'neck with the badge at the front. Simple but lovely.  I also thing more leos should have V-necks
 and lower cuts at the hips.  Much more elegant and much less porn.


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