Thursday, October 1, 2009


(Maxi Gnauck- A beam champion)

MunchThe SilivasFan is another enthusiatic montage-maker within the Youtube gymnastics community.  Different from Mostepanova fan in that he/she doesn't dissect routines or elements, but he/she sure puts together some great clips.  One of my favorites is the Random Gymnastics montage because it is a truly amazing collection of some of gymnastics wldest, whackiest, most beautiful and most original moves in both dance and acrobatics. AND because there were a few things I had never seen before.

Watch it here

Another little project MTSF has been doing is putting together clips of all the beam champions over the years. That is definitely fun to watch. There were some girls in there I had forgotten about. 

It is also really interesting because it makes you realise that while some of the beam workers all of us gymfans tend to agree were truly amazing have been a world or Olympic champion at some time or another, but some have not- Yang Bo being a case in point.

(Yang Bo- A should-have-been-champion)

Anyway, watch these montages if you feel like a bit of beam nostalgia.
Here are the Olympic Champions;


And this one is World Beam Champions from 1981-2007
Or watch it HERE


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    For the record I am very definately female. Thanks for the post :)