Thursday, October 1, 2009


Here is a gymnast I have been meaning to talk more about for ages.  This is Candian great Yvonne Tousek, an Olympian, A world team member, A national champion, and a top performer for UCLA in that period where no one could beat them.
She was also part of the 1999 Canadian team that caused a huge upset by beating the USA in the team competition of the Pan Americans.  She took two golds, one for bars and one for floor.
Watch one of Yvonne's fabulous floor routines here or HERE

Like many Canadian gymnasts, Tousek, always a crowd favorite, was known for her quirky and fun floor routines.  They were designed by Elvira Saadi.  But this was not the only place where she showed off a bit of flair and originality.  Toussek also performed a Hindorff on bars (free hip to reverse hecht), a piked cuervo on vault and, a moved named for her on beam; a sideways back handspring step-out on beam she performed late in her career.

Also, at a time when it was incredibly, incredibly rare, she executed front tumbling on beam- a front handspring to front tuck!  Here it is!!!  (or watch it HERE )

And watch her perform her original move on beam, a lovely mount and one of her final international competitions here; It isn't her best performance, but still worth watching. (Or HERE)

I believe Tousek followed , in what seems to be the unerring path for girls from Canadian Gymnastics to NCAA then to a career in Cirque De Soleil.

Yvonne Tousek should be remembered because she brought great gifts to Canada, NCAA and the world of gymnastics with her flair, daring and whimsical, purposeful disregard for the conventions of the sport.


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  1. in a way she reminds me of phoebe mills the front tumbling