Thursday, October 1, 2009


(Paola and Serena as juniors)

I haven't said much about about the Italian world team.  As many of you know, there will be know injured work-horse Ferrari among them this year.

What we do have is the lovely lithe work of Paola Galante who is known for those gorgeous turns in full split.

We have Emily Armi, who was the surprise young talent of the Italians at the European Championships this year.  Small and compact like Ferrari, she offers a similar brand of gymnastics.  She also performed a tough planche on her beam mount and qualified 13th into the AA competition.

Things were looking good for her to stay among the top fifteen until she choked terribly on bars after falling twice and walked away from her routine.  She was subsequently awarded a 2.000 and fell to the bottom of the standings.  This, however, will be a hell of a good learning experience for her to take to Worlds.

Elizabetta Preziosa was the non-Romanian gymnast who found the most success at the Romanian Internationals earlier this year.  She came second in the AA behind Amelia Racea and third on floor and beam behind Romanians. Her strengths are bars and beams but she will be competing floors and beam for Worlds. She has the flexible, elegant look of Galante. Her work isn't terribly difficult but her split position in leaps is gorgeus and she is very pretty to watch.
Here she is on beam at Italian National last year.

I know nothing about Serena Licchetta, but that she will be competing bars and vault and that last year at the Italian Grand Prix, she managed to place third on bars and floor despite the fact the field featured Romanians and Chinese (including Kexin)

Here is a bars routine from this year (or HERE)

And, I am sure, given their reputation, we can expect some retina-sizzling-ly special leotards!



  1. Serena Licchetta broke her foot training vault at the Mediterranean Games in June and now she's not in great shape.She has very good routines but she fells the pressure...On bars she has a really nice "combo" with tkachev and comaneci....

    Elisabetta Preziosa has a very intersting beam routine and she want the beam final!

    Paola has great turns and maybe she will try the triple turn in full split (she tried it at Italian Nationals).And i believe that finally her thachev will be recognize!!

    Probably the Italian team leo will be this----->

  2. Thank you Giuly. You are totally my go-to girl for Italian Gymnastics!!
    Your youtube vids rock too!

  3. Thank you so much!!!
    I love your blog!!!!