Monday, October 5, 2009


No Viktoriya Karpenko hasn' t made a miraculous comeback, but if the FIG investigation into Dong Fangxiao and Yang Yun's ages at the time of the Sydney Olympics finds them to have cheated and follows precedents set by Kim Gwang Suk's punishment, China stands to lose its team bronze and Yang's bars bronze.

This would mean the USA would be awarded an extremely tardy team bronze. Karpenko would win the bars bronze which would be a belated boon for the struggling Ukrainians.
The ruling, however, which was supposed to be made in September, has been pushed back until next year.

Yang Yun once stated publically that she was 14 at the time of the Olympics, and Dong, though her official birthdate is listed as being in 1983, her Olympic accreditation information said she was born in 1986.   Dong has never stated anything either way.

I wonder if we will ever see an end to this investigation?  Or will it be all too much for the FIG sifting through the bewilderingly dodgy Chinese bureaucracy?



  1. Oana Ban did make event finals! She made AA, Beam and floor, she just didn't compete because of an injury!

  2. If they take the medal away from the Chinese I am going to be so pissed.

    There has been SO MUCH cheating over the years that if all of it is not fixed then none of it should be.

    That means give Shannon Miller her AA medal because Roza was not hurt and the Soviet Union cheated.

    Give Ynag Tae Yioung his AA gold medal because the judges screwed up the start value.

    Take away Daniela Silivas's 1985 medals because she wasn't of age.

    Kim Gwang Suk, Alexandra Marinescu and the list goes on

    FIX IT ALL other wise this sucks.

  3. Actually you are mistaken with the 'precendents' - KGS never had any of her medals taken away, all that happened was North Korea was banned from the 93 worlds. Dong and Yang will likely keep what they earned. Liu Xuan will also annoyingly keep what she didn't. Give Raducan her medal back!

  4. Is that top pic Karpenko or Kozich??

  5. Kim Gwang suk has lost her medal. Maybe not the literal medal but her gold medal has been taken away. They just did not put Miller and Gutsu to gold but they should have

    She still cheated.