Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Now, finally (in a good way, finally- not like shake your finger I have been waiting way too long you're late! finally) Mostepanovafan has posted the top ten most successful gymnasts of all time montage.  She has done quads, but now its the whole of elite history.  It's exciting!  When it started with Shannon Miller at ten, i was already going, wow! who's the other nine?!!  I can't wait!
(I also had no idea Nelli Kim was that successful (and that bars move, god that bars move!!! Hilarious!))
I mean if i sat there and really thought about it I could probably work it out, but who wants to do that when Mostepanova fan can do it for you, and so entertainingly well?!!

Watch the countdown! (or HERE)



  1. Well her monatges are super but she doesn't count well. She doesn't care if it is gold or silver or bronze it's like there are all the same which is not true.

  2. I watched the other vids of "Most Successful" and find it crazy (in a good way) that Svetlana Khorkina was on the top 10 list for 3 different quads. AND was NUMBER 1 on TWO of them!! That is slightly ridiculous.
    (And yes, I am kind of a Khorkina fangirl apparently)

  3. Nellie is marvellous. She is considered a FX and Vault specialist, but her bars are awsome. Her 1980 bars routine is one of my all time favourites.


  4. Catch my attention that in the top 10 gymnast Nadia is missing for the count...

    Ironic isn’t?

    I love the video and I can agree more of the selection of this 10 gymnast, just I think that is really ironic that one of the trademarks of the modern gymnastics is missing the count….

  5. By numbers, this list may be correct. But no. No, no, no. Gogean, of all people, is not the most successful Romanian gymnast ever. (Isn't that what it had?)