Friday, October 9, 2009


Okay guys, so you probably won't be hearing too much from me over the next couple of days, as I will be in transit from Melbourne to London via Abu Dhabi (!) to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! WEEEE!!!

Uh, yeah, as you can see I'm kind of excited.  So, it seems, from what I here in the gym-blog sphere, that  the television networks will be covering the Worlds in the States and Australia, and I am guessing in Europe.  So I won't need to keep you posted on results, thank goodness.  But, I will try and keep you posted on other such important things as what colour legwarmers the Romanians are wearing, whose coach looks like a creep, which non-covered athletes are wearing heinous leotards etc etc.

AND I will try and tell you a little about the gymnasts who might not get much coverage/footage, i.e anyone not from China, USA, GB and Australia or in the top five and how they are doing.

Now, because I am excited, I thought this post  should be dedicated to the things I am most excited about at this upcoming worlds.  I don't do predictions.  Because for me, these days, the medal winners are ever more rarely the winners in my heart.

The winners so often have been for me the others; the lithe and beautiful Anna Pavlova who always ends up in fourth, Steliana Nistor whose strength and stamina shone for the Romanians all those years, and who dragged her broken, bandaged body out there one last time only to miss out on her own medal, Severino who kept gymnastics interesting and exciting and defied age and height, Yang Bo who taught us that beam could be its own dance, as stunning as a ballet.  Marinescu who was forced to hide her brilliance, but whose brilliance couldn't be hidden.  The Bulgarians who didn't come from the right country for the judges back then but always made magic on the floor.  The list goes on and on and on....

So, in dedication to this sentiment, here are the twenty-one things I am really looking forward to this Worlds, no matter who ends up on the podium....

Ksenia Afanasyeva.  I want to see her hit.  I want to see a four-for-four the GymDawgs would be proud of.  I want this girl whose gymnastics has been truly magnificent, whose grace and elegance is oft-unappreciated to prove how good she actually is, and not the whack-job she can be in major contests.  I know she has it in her somewhere.

I want Sydney Sawa who, despite being Canadian National Champion had to fight to prove she should be on this team to have an excellent competition and an all-round exellent time.

Beth Tweddle.  If that bar routine does not get the podium spot (any spot) it deserves at these Worlds, I sincerely may cry.

I want to see Vasiliki Millousi make the beam her B@#$% and make event finals.  I want her to hit this time, even if it doesn't get her a medal.  She is really really talented and it would be such a thing for Greek gymnastics to have a girl like her in EFs.

I want to see my Aussie girls go hard and I want to see Shona in vault finals as Nade pointed out she could potentially be.  I want two in AA. I want Mitchell to pull off that OTT beam routine. And I want them to whip some Japanese butt (I believe in baby steps- then the World!)

I want to see Holenkova performing a new, mature floor routine, really showing off her style AND I don't want her to run out of puff in the last pass.

I want Ariella Kaeslin to whip vault butt. Seeing that girl come into her own at a late age has been such an exciting thing.  She was absolutely terrific at the Euros and I want to see her show that to the World.

I want to see Deng Linlin being the star of her team, which I think she can be.

I just want to see Ksenia Semeonova smile, because she is so, so delightful.  I love that she was apparently checking out He Kexin's bars at Worlds training.  I hope she was thinking winning thoughts!!

I really, really want to see what Adela Sajn is wearing !!!!!!

I want to see Elsa Garcia come back with a vengeance, charming the pants off the world with her cute smile and tough gymnastics (then I want her to get a scholarship to a US college- preferably UCLA and do NCAA for the next four years.)

I want to see Koko Tsurumi back in beam finals.

I want to see the gorgeous and graceful Paola Galante perform because she is so lovely to watch.

I want to see Sanne Wevers pirouette everyone out of the water!

I want to see Tumpa Debnath, who has been a stalwart of gymnastics for India over the last lord-knows-how-many years perform her best.  Especially now the India delegation has their very own Russian coach now.

I want to see if Marissa King has grown into the vaulter she looked like she was promising to be before injuries and stuff.

I want to see Anamaria Tamirjan pull of a beautiful floor routine without running out of gas as she sometimes does.  She is by far, one of the most graceful gymnasts to come out of Romania and I love to watch her on floor, even if her difficulty isn't going to garner her a medal.

I want to see Youna Dufournet tumble clean and safe.  And if she does it with the brilliance she promised a couple of years ago, that too would be good!

I want Rebecca Bross, win or lose, to pull off a good performance and not turn out to be the USA's next big thing that wasn't becasue WAY too much pressure was put on her too early.

AND I want to sit back and watch the lovely Ana Porgras do her thing, because she is where gymnastics is at for me right now.

Oh yeah, and I want Pavs to win gold.

I can dream, can't I?



  1. I want to see Jessica Lopez represent and make it to all around finals!! I love that girl =)

  2. Have fun! I can't wait for you to post your thoughts from the Worlds!

  3. Where did you get that photo of Steliana Nistor? I've never seen it before :)

  4. Hope you have a great time, and I really look forward to your informative updates.

    This Worlds is so unpredictable...and that's what makes it exciting.

    Plus, O2 arena is so flippin' gorgeous!

  5. Sorry to bring you bad news but seems that Afanasyeva is out, her back injury got worse and she's going to be send back to Moscow

  6. I actually just read at that Ksenia Afanasyeva will not be competing at Worlds this year due to a back injury D:

  7. Nooooooooo!!!!! Afansy's out with some "recurring back injury"! *sniff*

  8. Have fun! BBC is going to have over 10 hours of coverage from Friday until Sunday... I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

  9. random statement: Beth Tweedle has braces!!!!!!!!!!