Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, it was pretty dang entertaining to watch the US have to rise three times for the Chinese in the second medal ceremony!  It was a China-fest for the last three events.  It was also darn hilarious when the announcer forgot to call Rebecca Bross onto the podium for her shared bronze with Ana Porgras.  Poor Becca!  It was worth it though, to see Kathy Kelly storm around that stadium to yell at the tech people!  Lucky they got it sorted and called Brossy up before Hag the Second really got going!

Right, so, vault.  That was fun!  I was right at the front, so it was easy to see all the drama.

I had thought Kayla Williams was a cool, collected character until I saw her come off vault.  The poor girl must have been feeling the pressure because she was well and truly near tears.  Before she vaulted, if you'd asked me, I would have said she was thinking about dinner, or trying to remember who played Julie Cooper in the OC.  But no, she was feeling it alright.   It is this that makes her incredibly huge, and very very tidy vaults even greater.  The girl who openly and honestly told Gymnastike that she wanted to be on the Worlds team more than she wanted anything in the world proved she more than deserved her spot.

I was sad to see neither Russian make it into a medal position.  They are great vaulters.  Kurbatova looked particularly upset, thought she never actually seemed to stop talking, except when vaulting.  Ksenia Semenova was sitting right near me to watch the final, much to the delight of  the girls sitting next to her.  She yelled and yelled the girls through their vaults, much to the dismay of some uppity soccer mothers behind me, who kept grumbling about the annoying girl yelling.  I wanted to turn around and tell them to shut it, that they were her team mates and she can yell 'stoi!' all she likes, but they looked kinda mean!

Poor old Elsa Garcia!!  Voted the most elegant gymnast at the Worlds and she goes and lands on her face!  At least she had the good grace to laugh about it!  And to laugh at what her disastrous second vault did to her hair!!  Her coach was great too, just grinning at her and yanking the tuft of fringe that had come unstuck and was sticking up all over the place.  Good on her!  What a good sport.

Though i was sad to see Kurbatova drop out of bronze, it was really great to see Dufournet medal.  Her vaults, though not terribly difficult were executed gorgeously and her utter astonishment and joy at landing a medal was sweet.

It was sad to see the Olympic champion have a bad day.  But boy, even when she doesn't make it, Hong Un Jong can get into the air!!  I felt sorry for her, though.  It's a long way to come to vault!

Brittany Rogers did a great job, throwing some impressive vaults.  She was a little out of her league, but she proved her mettle and her right to be in that final.

(I hate this leo with the passion of a thousand fiery suns.  There, I said it.)

As for Kaeslin, I love to see her vault.  She is strong and precise and gets better all the time.  I am also glad to see she is feeding her need for butterfly style leos with a far less offensive one than that she has been sporting for the last couple of years.

It was a great final, and the three top places were totally impressive to watch.  In fact, despite everyone bitching about how easy it would be to place in vault finals these days, everyone was really solid and terrific to watch.



  1. I wanted to ask you what you thought Kurbatova's deal was. I noticed her leg/knee was heavily strapped. She was welling up with tears after her first vault. Was she acting injured, or was it just bitchitude?

    Also...I am so jealous you got to see Kayla's victory up close! It appeared as though she was trying to act "mature" and then her 16-year-old emotions got the best of her. What a journey for her...

  2. Why should should anyone act injured, MS? It's gymnastics, not football!

  3. So, I was wondering if you know what was going on with the line judge for vault? I noticed (largely due to the fact that the Australian commentators pointed it out on the streaming video) that the judge raised the flag on AT LEAST three girls who were nowhere near to stepping out, and that Rogers of Canada did, in fact, step out (if only a little bit), but was the flag was NOT raised on her. Was there soomething going on there that I wasn't aware of? I mean, did I miss something? Or was the line judge just possessed?

  4. So, I was wondering if you knew what was going on with the line judge? I noticed (after the commentators pointed it out) that she raised the flag on at least three gymnasts who were nowhere near the lines, and she didn't raise it for Rogers, who was (if only a little bit). Was something else going on? Did I miss something? Or was the line judge just possessed? :-)

  5. The line judge was doing the right thing. the women's vault CoP, 8.3.1, makes it so that if the women don't land straddling the center line or at least having one foot touching the center line on landing they are eligible for a .1 penalty. There is a wee bit of wiggle room in how it's stated in the CoP but they way they were enforcing it was pretty much how I described it. The men do not have that requirement which only causes more confusion on the subject.