Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This montage, made by Comaneci1, is an amalgam of various bar routines from the fifties until 2005. It is fabulous, especially the first half.
I don't know about anyone else, but I just adored seeing what the ladies (and yes, back then, they were ladies) did when the bars were close together. It was superb to see those incredible innovation they made, finding news ways to slide and spin and move from bar to bar. It was very lyrical and pretty too.

Then also, seeing how bars came on, as girls began really, swinging, the bars moved further apart and countries started innovating is amazing. Bars got BIG!

And question, why does no one ever do that really cool high-to-low bars transition Julieanne MacNamara used to do? It rocked!

Watch this fabulous montage here (or YOUTUBE)


  1. very interesting!!in 60's the bars were so close one from each other...nice

  2. very cool!
    Also interesting that Khorkina was not featured at all, as she was a major bars innovator.