Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Fabian Hambeuchen limping out of a Japanese restaurant at the o2, hollering "sushi!!!", which made much more sense when it became clear he was yelling it at Kohei Uchimura who came over and bowed at him and consoled him about his injury!

Finally, a good reason for those tan-arexic USA gymnasts to look so orange!  They stand out against the white floor mat.  Some of the pale male gymnasts 'lost their legs' during their flares and tumbling!!

A lone (male) gymnast from who knows where wandering through the restaurant precinct of the o2 topless, with ice packs strapped to his shoulders and down his pants (in the back!!)

Gymnasts from Jordan, Qatar, Hong Kong... the reason Worlds is so amazing- all these nations.  A Mexican gymnast wandering around snapping photos of the o2 stadium.

A reason why it would be great to be a gymnasts from |Lebanon, rather than from a top-ranked country: your coach takes you out for pizza the night before your qualifications and nobody blinks when you wander off on your own and return with a can of Red Bull and a kitkat!

You can really tell which nations are there to give the gymnasts experience, rather than medal, because they were allowed to watch the later sessions of the MAG quals.  Not a sign of the top four women's nations!

Carol Angela Orchard (definitely one of my heroes) and her new hubby eating at Pizza Express.  CAO's hubby had to suddenly duck out of dinner and she was left trying to carry all of her shopping, his backpack and delegation jacket AND their two pizzas take away when he never made it back.

Beth Tweddle behind me on the escalators complaining to her coach, Amanda |Kirby about the price of, well, something!  She looks fit and very small.  I always think she is larger because her gymnastics is so big.  She got to enjoy the quals for about half an hour before the kids discovered her and it was extended autograph time.

Speaking of tiny, I saw Oksana Chuysovitina strolling along and that woman looks like a wee garden gnome in person!  She is miniscule!

Ariella Kaeslin stood next to me during the afternoon and gasped and 'wowed' along with the rest of us over Dragulescu's hot vaults and Uchimura's beautiful bars set.  She was wearing a monster-truck load of make up for a training day.

Nilson Savage, Jessica Lopez's coach at Starbucks.  Sat down at next table as he chatted to some fig guy.  Really hoped he would say something about J-lo's new skill, but no, he was wheeling and dealing, talking about some equiptment arrangement with Brazil!

Hungarian gymnasts everywhere!! Either there are twenty gymnasts in their delegation, or those guys were just doing laps of the place!!

The o2 dome really is spectacular.  What a great venue.  Not only is it perfecrt for a gymnastics event in size and dimension, but it has restaurants, shops, and massive waiting spaces and it is easy to get to.  Happy-making!

Very excited about WAG quals today..  I think I actually love quals better than the main competition to see live because you see everyone in a relaxed, happpy way.  I am always too nail-bitingly nervous watching finals!  Twelve hours of live gymnastics.  Heaven!

Love, the Couch Gymnast, bringing you the gossip, not the news!!!


  1. too cool!!!!
    The gossip is excellent, thank you. Makes it much more real.

  2. Bahahahahaha! Sneaky Hungarians ;)

    Hope you are having a wonderful time, can't wait to see what you get from prelims!

    Go... everyone!

  3. This is great stuff! Please keep posting!

  4. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Love to hear what you have to say. I would be so like you. Just gawking at everyone you read about all in one place being 'normal'.

  5. i love the gossip!please keep it up!

  6. New Leo Classic:
    Tina Erceg of Croatia in a Menswear Suit leo during PArt 4 of Prelims.

  7. Brilliant, as usual. Tell us more!
    How have you seen Izurieta?

  8. Hahaha, I love that sushi tidbit. Oh Hambuchen, I'm sure his competitors are as sad as I am that he hurt his ankle.