Friday, September 11, 2009


WWGym is keeping a list of who is going to Worlds for where. A fair few have been announced lately;

First, let's talk team China.  

More of our Beijing faves, Jiang Yuyuan, He Kexin, and Yang Yilin are going to London.
I wonder if anyone can compete against He on bars this year?  Maybe only the Tweds, Semeonva and Yilin can realistically come close.  
Yilin is also one of my personal favorites for the all-around.  She is a terrific gymnast.  As for Jiang Yuyuan, the manic elf is pretty tough to dislike.  In fact, does anyone out there not like her?  I want to hear from you if you do.
Her slightly alarmingly enthusiastic grin is a bit of a put off for me, but I love her beam, love her dance and love that she is a slightly lazy badass in the gym who has to be bribed to train sometimes!!

I have to admit i know nothing about Sui Lu (oops!). I haven't been following China gymnastics close enough since Beijing, what with going to the Euros and what not. All I know is that International gymnast reported that she beat Li Shanshan at Nats this year on beam.  That's gotta mean she is a stellar beam worker (or of course, Shanshan fell as she is wont to do when it is least appropriate!) but then in the scores it listed it said Cui Jie or someone did.  Can one of you guys clear this up for me?  According to some commenters on Youtube Sui Li might have beat out Deng Linlin for a spot on the Beijing team but had a few beam falls over the year, so who knows?
Watch a video of her HERE
I already miss Chengy and Shanshan.  And Deng Linlin.  I LOVE HER!!!  Why oh why do China have to be like Soviet Russia in the eighties and nineties?  To many brilliant gymnasts for their own good.  The ones we love come and go so quickly.

Then there is,

According to WWGym, there are two Garcias going to the London Worlds for Mexico.  One is a favorite of mine, Elsa, and the other is Erika Garcia.  Erika has been on the Mexican national team for some time.  She competed at the Worlds in Stuttgart in 2007, but because of the two per country, did not get to go to Beijing.
The other Mexican Team members are, Marisela Cantu and Yessenia Estrada.  Maricela Cantu came just within the top sixty in quals at Beijing, posting her best score on vault.  The Olympic experience should stand her in good stead.

If you would like to see some of these girls at work, watch this Mexico montage put on Youtube from Picks91 (Or watch it HERE

Great Britain also announced its team this week.  The four going are Beth Tweddle, Becky Downie, Becky Wing and Marissa King.  

I am very glad to see Marissa King in the mix for this competition.  I am quite a fan and was concerned when I heard she was dealing with a few injuries.  

Sad we won't be seeing Hannah Whelan at Worlds.  She did a great job representing GB at both Beijing, when she was so very young, and also at the Euros this year.

Hailing from the ever-more-impressive Heathrow club, Becky Wing has been building up even more international experience of late, however, competing at Jesolo this year.  As a younger gymnast she impressed by winning a competition in the Netherlandf and gained experience attending training camps in Deva and Hungary.  In her first year out in 2004, Becky won the AA and beam in the espoir division of the British Championshsips.  She won the junior British Nationals in 2007 and competed in the Stuttgart Worlds.  She competed three events for the GB Beijing qualifications, all except floor.
As well as being an excellent gymnast, Becky has won academic and athletics honours at her school, being district champion both in long jump and the 200m.
Becky has lovely dance and a whole lotta style which makes her great to watch even if she isn't likely to get close to the medals.  

As for Russia.  It is much as we expected; The Ksenia, Kurbatova and Myzdrikova.  I am looking forward to seeing how these girls do.  I am guessing Semenova is doing AA along with Afanasyeva.  Looking forward to seeing if Myzdrikova can pull it out on floor.  Also am supposing Kurbatova is there for her vault.

I think they have picked the strongest combination they can create til those peskily talented juniors grow up!!

Canada is taking Charlotte Mackie, Brittany Rogers and Sydney Sawa. I have never heard of Sawa. Will have to go do some research!

France has only announced two competitiors, Youna Dufournet and Pauline Morel.  

I am hoping Youna will compete more steady and safe routines than we saw her pulling out at Milan this year.  That was all just downright frightening, especially her floor.  
Pauline Morel came 29th in the Beijing AA qualification, putting up her best scores on bars and floor.  She has a lovely long body for bars, making her swings look gorgeous.

Japan is taking four of its usual suspects, Koko Tsurumi, Miki Uemura, Yuko Shintake, Kyoko Oshima. I really, really hope Koko makes beam finals again at Worlds. She is so very pretty on beam.

Sweden is taking four girls and South Africa two.

Little Miss double front off beam, Zoi Lima is going for Portugal.  Good luck.  I hope she lands that sucker.


  1. Haha clearly you don't know anything about "Sui Li"... because her name is actually Sui Lu ;)

    I also love the Chinese girls! Especially YYL, I wish she'd have got silver last year... but at least she is getting another shot.

    Now for the final important question, who are the USA taking? There seems to be a big debate about whether they should take the top 3 girls from Nats (Sloan, Hong and Bross) and just have the one specialist (Peszek/Hunter/Williams/Memmel) or whether they should leave Ivana at home and take two specialists. I personally think the judges will love Ivana's beautiful lines and presentation, and if they HAD to leave one of the top three at home it should be Bross becuase she is the most injured, inexperienced (recently) and inconsistent.

    I would like to see Sloan, Hong, Peszek and Bross. What do you think CouchGymnast? You have been unusually wuiet about this one!

  2. does any one else find that pauline morel looks quite like canadian elyse hopfner-hibbs?

  3. I'm with Samantha. If we must leave one of them behind, Bross is definitely the weak link. (And I'm taking a giant leap of faith in assuming that her knee isn't going to blow at one of these training camps). But I don't really see the sense in leaving out an all-arounder at the expense of a specialist this go-round. Specialists will be more critical in the next few years, certainly, but I think this one is the year of the all-arounder. I say send all three of them. It's the year after the Olympics, what does anyone have to lose?

    And I always thought Pauline Morel looked more like Shayla. :)

  4. Cheng Fei is still healing from her knee injury, right?

  5. YurchenkoLoop, I love that combo: Sloan, Hong, Peszek and Bross...even it were up to me I would leave Bross behind too. Maybe expose someone like Kytra or Williams. I feel bad for Memmel, I hope she pulls out and doesn't tarnish her image with the "she wasn't selected despite being an olympian & world champion"...

  6. Sydney Sawa is Canadian National Champion.