Monday, September 14, 2009

Valeria Maksyuta

Kayla asked about what was behind the emigration of Valeria Maksyuta to Israel. Valeria competed for Ukraine up until a few years ago. 

Basically, as far as I know Valeria moved to train for Israel when financial circumstances in Ukrainian gymnastics became untenable. At least this what Stella Zakharova, founder of the eponymous Cup told an IG reporter.  She believes that coaches and athletes could no longer train because the Ukrainian Gynastics Federation was not financed enough to support its gymnasts.  She attributes this to Ukrainian coaches leaving the country as well. 
This was all happening earlier this year, and UFG president, Victor Korzh had told Zakharova that they would not be sponsoring the Stella Cup, but instead the Shakhlin Cup.  Stella became openly critical of the UGF, found private sponsors and continued to hold the Cup.  Korzh actually wrote an open letter to Zakharova, signed by members and gymnasts asking her to stop her campaign against the federation.

Maksyuta still competed in the Stella Zakharova Cup, where she came seventh.  I can't find anything other than that to explain her move.  Given how much general crisis there has been in Ukraine in the last few years, economically, it doesn't surprise me that gymnasts are looking for other training options.  My guess is that the Israeli federation can actually afford to send gymnasts to international competition.  I am not sure ig she is living in Ukraine or Israel though.

Watch a floor routine (or HERE)


  1. Wow! You did this for me? Thank you so much; that's really sweet of you. I truly love this blog. I think the independent research you do, especially with sources in other languages, is awesome.

    I saw Maksyuta at Euros but had no idea who she was. It made such sense to me when I found out she was Ukrainian. I really hope the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation can get some well-deserved funding because it would be a shame for them to lose more gymnasts like Maksyuta.

    I really hop

  2. Happy to help, Kayla. I feel like i read something more definite about her after euros, when I was curious, but I can't find it now. Yeah I hope things get better in Ukraine too.

  3. why many people write what they think about my mooving in israel and nobody dont ask me? its not interesting to know it from the first face?