Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Memory Lane...........

A reader Marissa, who enjoyed the post about the Ukrainian gymnast, Knizhnik, mentioned another Ukrainian from this period, Zelupkina. Like Knizhnik, the dissolution of the Soviet meant Zelupkina had the opportunity to become a key member of the new Ukrainian team, and from 1995, Svetlana began to be offered several international assignments. She competed for Ukraine on vault and beam at the Puerto Rico apparatus World Championships.
Zelupkina is another lovely gymnast with a lovely beam routine, which was her favorite event. She has a tricky tumble series that changes direction like Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs' Worlds Routine, only harder, and her close to beam moves are pretty and interesting.
She also bares an uncanny resemblance to Dina Kochetkova!

(left, Zelupukina. right, Kochetkova)

Sadly, Zelepukina, who won the 1996 Ukraine Cup, began to lose vision in one eye, and had to pull out of the sport after the 1996 Olympics. What a pity. She is now, according to Gymnastics Greats, working as a coach in Ukraine.
Watch a beam routine here. She falls, like Knizhnik, but it's worth a look to see the choreography.

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  1. I'm so late in reading this but thank you so much on the update for her! That's too bad she began going blind in one eye. She could've continued on for a possible position at the 2000 Olympics since I believe she was only 15 in Atlanta? Anywho, I'll forever miss her dearly.