Tuesday, September 29, 2009


(come the IG revolution, there will be NO more sleeveless leos)

What I love most about the International Gymnast Online forum- aside from the fact that a lot of these people who frequent the forum seriously know their @#$%-is how frank and funny they are in giving their opinions.  Here are some of my favorite funny-slash-brutally-honest moments in recent discussions.
(I really hope IG forum users don't mind me using their online names.  After some thought, I thought it would be less respectful not to.  Some, however, I lost, so I do apologise if i quoted you and didn't attribute it to you properly)

On reasons why certain Olympics were 'controversial'

"2000- vault, cough drop, general douchebaggery" Medstudent24

"I think a lot of us were frustrated with Zhang Nan taking bronze over Anna Pavlova.....To me she's the dullest Chinese gymnast of all time.  (smiley face) She's really a Romanian gymnast incognito."
 Senor Nico.

On why Anna pavlova didn't win the bronze in Athens;

"the judges had their heads deep in their collective rectum, possibly swooning of the polyp of evil that's Bruno Grandi" Medstudent 24

But the best place of all to hear these incredible gym afficionados at their most hilarious and vitriolic, is in the post relating to the  gymnastics pet peeves, a subject matter I am sure we could all spend hours on;

(the dreaded side somi goes back as far as Eremia's day)

"Side somis.  They are ugly, people.  Stop doing them!"


"Too many frigging camps and no real trials for anything any more." Gymrat

"If I see another World/Olympic champion with their feet come apart on a cast to handstand or a pirouette I will literally spit nails."  Yellow Red.

"Pornslaps that are considered choreography"  Fishbulb

"when a gymnast doesn't feel her music.  Even in this day and age of crappy choreography, you can still (at least try to) perform, not just go through the motions."

"sleeveless leos.  This ain't a community pool.  Dress accordingly folks."  Medstudent24

Butt shakes that are supposed to be artistic" aestivate

"Sheep jumps and ring leaps done by gymnasts who blatantly don't have sufficient flexibility.  I'm talking to you, Shawn Johnson"

"NBC commentators who regularly demonstrate that they 1. Don't know the name of the gymnast performing 2. don't know the name of the skill she is performing and 3. don't really know anything technical, just random pieces of gossip about her dog's name and her prospective college." Action-Sam

"Andre Joyce" Kitty (hear hear!!)

"The beginning pose on Sloan's floor- what the muthaf@#$ is that?" Numblemon

"The hair.  There are so many examples  I do not like 50 clips.  I do not like Parkette cornrows.  I do not like frizzy perms."  KelcieB

"Romanian recycled choreography"  Kristy



  1. Hey Action-Sam is me haha! The same Sam who got my rant published on your page before! IG Forum is the most amazing place to rant constantly and waste copious amounts of time dissecting routines from years past. Its so great to give it a shout out, honestly I do't know how I would survive without being able to discuss and rant with those people! Everyone readin this should cheack it out, including you CouchGymnast if you're not already there! :)

  2. ha! love your blog! I just added it as a bookmark to visit daily. It's so good to hear MostepanovaFan's back! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!! You've built quite a nice little place here.

    (medstudent24) actually 25 now lol.

  3. Most of the people at IG are know it all jerks and unless you love Nastia you eventually get banned. They actually get together and text each other on ways to get people banned. Losers.

    Nastiafan101 needs mental help. Nastia should be afraid of that stalker