Tuesday, September 22, 2009


(image from Prosport )

The Romanian newspapers are having a field day, unsurprisingly, with Sandra Izbasa's untimely injury.
And now that Nadia Comaneci, dubbed "The Angel of Montreal" has rushed to Sandra's aid, the press is all agog again!

Seriously though, Nadia has been unendingly generous toward Romanian gymnasts even though she calls the States home, and has offered for Izbasa to stay with her, and receive all the medical and physio-related care she should need to recover from her surgery in all the time she needs.

Nadia has proposed that Sandra either stay with her in Oklahoma and see a doctor they know, or go to Las Vegas where she can be treated by Tiger Woods doctor.  She said she has spoken to Sandra about it and now it "all depends on Sandra, is important to recover quickly."


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  1. Is that picture of Nadia? Gawd, she looks different!