Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Rodinenko told the International Gymnast magazine that there are only five Russian women elegible for the four-woman Worlds squard.  

Who do you think is out?

Afanasyeva, Semenova, Kurbatova, Myzdrikova or Goryunova?

Though I really quite like her, I'm thinking, bar injuries,  Goryunova.....


  1. Yep, I'm with you. Whilst I also like Goryunova she's extremely inconsistent and not capable as scoring as high as Semyonova and Afansasyeva in the AA even if she does hit. Plus she doesn't really have a shot at making apparatus finals whereas Kurbatova and Myzdrikova do. I wonder if they would consider sending Yulia Berger if Kurbatova got injured (providing she's healthy)?

  2. I agree. She has less potential for finals/medals than the others.

    Afanasyeva - possible medal in the AA (IF she hits) and potential BB and FX finalist.
    Semenova - if healthy, possible AA medal and UB and BB finals.
    Kurbatova - VT and maybe the UB final if she hits her combinations.
    Myzdrikova - FX final.
    Goryunova - no chance in the AA really, and her best shot at an EF is BB, but that would be a stretch I think.

  3. I think it depends on Semenova. If she's healthy enough to do AA then probably Goryunova. If she can only do event specialism though, (bars and beam), then Goyunova has a good chance at being the second all arounder. I don't think they'd expect a medal from her but I don't think I've seen Kurbatova do AA, or Myzdrikova, if she's healthy enough.

  4. Have you seen Romania's announcement? they say: Izbasa, Tamarjan, Porgras and Chelaru with Dragoi as a reserve. Keep up the good work! Thanks! Beatrice (Romania)