Monday, September 21, 2009

SO...... BELORUS..

So thank you guys, who fed me links to watch those Belorussian girls.  I watched a bunch of routines by Galina Ivanets, Zeitseva, and Alina Sotnikova, mostly at the Stella Zakharova.  Yes, the Belorussians have sure improved lately.
Sotnikova still demnostrates weak tumbling, but her dance is pretty and she looks a lot more mature than she did in Milan.

Galina Ivanets does a reasonably difficult beam routine, and is quite precise.  There is something slightly awkward about her stances as she steps out of tricks, particularly her Onodi.
I have to say, she and Zaytseva, particularly, didn't quite have the post soviet 'look' I imagined they would have on beam.  Not to say that they are ungraceful, but they weren't excessively elegant in the way we still see in the Russians, and some Ukrainians.
One Belorussian, Liliya Huong, has a very shakey but cute little beam routine.  My favorite part is the way she  moves into her full turn with leg at vertical. (Watch it HERE)

 Ivanets only opens with a double pike on floor, but has pleasant choreography that shows off better dance training than her beam work does.  She does a gorgeous assemble (?) jump into a sheep jump at one point.

Zaitseva has some great high tumbling, opening with a double tucked Arabian.  She has great spring and that shows up well in her leaps (or HERE )

Her dance is not as good as the other girls, and can we please discuss the weirdo dance move at 1.07?  What was that?  A train going off the rails?  Her imitation of a Bengal tiger attack?  It was up there with Jordyn Wieber's aborted handstand to side flop!

Anyway, as I said, the Belorussian have sure gotten better.   I am not completely sold by them.  I think they have a way to go, and there is certainly no standout personality on the team, but still, if they keep going they way they are now, they are going to get competitive, at least on a European level.

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