Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Scherbo Cup

Minsk is in Belarus, for those of you who don't know, and is home of greats like Boginskaya and Piskun, and the pretty little gymnast who performed solo for Belarus at the Euros in Milan this year, Sotnikova.  

The winner of the AA competition was a Belarussian gymnast, Galina Ivanets, whose highest score was a 14.600 on beam.  Ivanets was also the winner of this year's Stella Zakharova Cup, which is held in Ukraine each year.  Nastia Zaitseva, another Belorussian took second.  In fact, with three Belorussians in the top ten, gymnastics seems to be looking up for this corner of ex-Soviet Russia.

(Sotnikova and Coach)

Of the girls, two Canadian worlds members, Brittany Rogers and  Charlotte Mackie, competed, taking third and fourth in the all-around respectively.  They also placed first and second (same order) on vault, while Charlotte took third on beam, and Rogers same on floor.



Other gymnasts appearing in the Scherbo Cup were Svetlana Klyukina and Kristina Goryunova of Russia, who have both found themselves out of the Worlds team.  Goryunova's only decent score was on the beam, in the AA, which she also won in the event finals. The lovely and popular Laura Svilpaite of Lithuania took out the bars competition, earning half a point higher than the second place-getter, Klukina.  Linda Stampfli of Switzerland.  Marta Pihan of Poland won floor with a mere 13.800.  The elegant ex-Ukrainian gymnast, Valeria Maksyuta came third on vault after the Canadians.


The Scherbo Cup gymnastics meet was held this weekend in Minsk.

Here are the top ten all-around place-getters;

1. Galina Ivanets (BEL) 55.250
2. Nastia Zaitseva (BEL) 54.300
3. Brittany Rogers (CAN) 53.800
4. Charlotte Mackie (CAN) 53.750
5. Valeria Maksuta (ISR) 53.700
6. Svetlana Klukina (RUS) 53. 650
7. Marta Pihan (POL) 53.500
8. Kristina Goryunova (RUS) 53.400
9. Roni Rabinovich (ISR) 52.850
10. Alina Sotnikova (BEL) 52.550


  1. Do I assume that the top two are Belorussian? Cos BEL means Belgium. BLR is belarus. Just thought you might want to know

  2. Anyone know the story behind Valeria Maksyuta's emigration to Israel? She's a lovely gymnast.