Saturday, September 19, 2009


(from Prosport)

I managed to watch an hour of the live streaming of the Romaniann Nationals late last night.  My internet is so wiggy at the moment it was presented with the sound coming after the action and the action freezing up every few seconds!  Sometimes I would see a girl salute, then I would see her standing next to the beam saluting at the finish!
That's precisely what I saw of Anamaria Tamirjan's bars too.  i saw many girls fal, or having fallen of beam which doesn't bode well.  I never saw Gabi Dragoi do anything though she was standing around in a leo, the hideous purple with white spike leo.
ANYWAY, the AA results were

1. Porgras
2. Chelaru
3. Tamirjan

I have to say, Chelaru is looking a bit older and more filled in that she did in Milan.  This actually seems to help, as her twigginess made her form look sloppier.  She took a fall on bars, which she was looking very upset about.
Racea looked fantastic in the beam set I saw.  In fact, as we kind of expected, the juniors are seriously looking markedly better than most of the seniors.

Let's hope Porgras, who was only expected to compete on two events, but wound up doing all four,  can make a bit of a splash at Worlds. because it doesn't really look like any of the other Romanains are going to manage it.  She told Prosport that she wants to contend for an AA medal at Worlds.  I hope her knee holds up.

In Sandra news, she will be having her operation in Frankfurt, Germany on Monday, according to Prosport.  The German Federation heard of the trouble and offered to help.  Perhaps they are hoping they will get her like they got Chusovitina!!
No, jokes aside, the German Gymnastics Federation seem like an incredibly generous Fed, ensuring she is operated on by the besr specialists around.


  1. Hello! Dragoi did compete on UB and BB. She looked shaky and not at all confident but she didn't fell. If I remember well, her marks were 14.3-14.4 at both UB and BB. Beatrice

  2. I noticed Chelaru looked older as well. I think she has definitely improved since Milan, especially on beam. I liked her full twisting back somi.

    I saw Gabi Dragoi on bars and beam and she is obviously struggling with an injury- both routines had watered down dismounts (double tuck off bars and double twist off beam). I doubt she will be going to Worlds in this state.

    Larisa Iordache was who impressed me the most. Great beam routine including a full twisting back somi and triple twist dismount and lovely floor routine.

  3. Talking about watching national competitions, rkwy1212 has uploaded the AA of the 11th National Games of China on Youtube. I don't speak any Chinese, but it was a joy to watch. And I was so so happy to see Deng Linlin win.