Monday, September 21, 2009


It seems it is all about Romania this week.  Well, what with Izbasa's injury, the Nationals, the opportunity to see all those upcoming juniors, and to catch up on the seniors who've not been out there due to injury, it has been quite the week for them.

There is an article in Prosport today, talking about the Nationals, and the girls reactions to Sandra's injury.  Ana maria Tamirjan admitted to the paper that what happened to Sandra, who was in good form, showed her that anything could happen.  Tamirjan, funnily will be the seasoned senior of the World's Team now, which is as strange as thinking of little Miss Bridget Sloan being pack leader for the U.S.
Ana Porgras also said that it was hard to move on after what happened, and Nicolae Forminte claims he sees the psychological effect  of it all in the other girls.

The paper described the Nationals as lucklustre, without the force and presence of Izbasa's personality present and attributed it to the girls' collective shock created by Sandra's accident.

As did Romanian Federation president, Adrian Stoica, who, after noticing that "the girls were a little timid" and that they were falling easily, called in a psychologist to talk to the girls.

I don't really know what a psychologist can say to make them feel better, but I guess that isn't really why they were pulled in.

But Prosport was right, the Romanian Nationals weren't impressive and there were way too many falls, but that can probably be attributed to the trauma of seeing one of their best go down, junior nerves, injury watering-downs and lack of experience.

But Prosport wasn't completely right about everything.  Sure, there was a lack in the gym, without Sandra, but there was still some charisma shining through.

And to me, that was Ana Porgras.  Now the girl is clearly a good gymnastics thing coming our way.  But Ana also possesses that other factor, that alluring, charismatic quality in her movement and demeanor that others don't always have.  It's a have or have-not kind of quality.

Her gymnastics has personality, like Khorkina's, like Yuyuan's, like Semenova's, like Boginskaya's.  While she may not ooze with it like the Svetlana's, it is her does of this appeal that makes her so thoroughly watchable.  She has the ability to connect with those watching her in a way no Romanian, except Izbasa has since, I would argue,  as far back as the early 2000's.

Nistor had personality off the floor, but when she was competing, it was all force all the way with her.  As I said, Izbasa had it, but really only on floor, the easiest place to express oneself, and I think Porgrass may eclipse her on this count, even if she doesn't in the medal count.
Gymnasts like Catalina Ponor, and Sofronie, may have been lovely to look at, and Oana Ban may have been fun and even charming to watch, but they didn't quite posess this innate presence.

(Andreea Munteanu had 'it')

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  1. I think Ana Porgras is the nicest surprise in gymnastics all year. I think her talent is shown by the fact she has managed to upgrade and become a good all arounder despite being out through injury until the beginning of this year. I truly believe that the World should watch out in 2010 because by then she should have had time to upgrade/ become more consistent and I truly believe she has the ability to challenge the Russians/ Americans/ Chinese on beam and in the AA.