Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Romania Gossip

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Okay, good news;

So, as you may have seen from my comments section, Beatrice reported that Ceresela Patrascu will be performing at the Romanian Nationals this week.  This is lovely news considering just how long the poor girl dealt with injuries.  We are all familiar, I am sure, with that picture of Izbasa helping the poor, limping Patrascu onto the podium to collect their medal. 
After more than a year of battling injury, motivation and weight problems, she is ready to go.
She will be competing bars and beam at the Nationals.  Nicolae Forminte told Prosport that  he wanted to see how she would hold up in competition and if the Romanian team could rely on her in the furture.  here's hoping!!

Bad news;

Prosport also reported that Dragoi is uncertain for Romanian Nationals this week due to that same old knee issue that has been hampering her for ages.  Nicolae is still deciding wether to send her into the competition.  He believes it may not be the risk when they need her as their Worlds reserve.  IF she does, she will be doing beam and bars.
I really, really hope Dragoi mends soon.  I hope we don't see the retirement of this gymnast before she really got to blossom.
Good Luck Gabi!

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