Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Reason to be Homesick....

You know, we see Nastia and the US girls tweeting about how glad they are to be home and how much they miss it after a week of camp! I imagine being Venezuelan gymnast Jessica Lopez!

I know a lot of people saw and admired her in the training video put up on Gymnastike recently, particularly how much she has improved on beam and the prettiness of her quick and elegant bar work.  (Or HERE)

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

She is a fabulous gymnast.  I remember being disappointed for her at the American Cup when she didn't have a perfect competition, relishing her NCAA bars work and enjoying reading her blog on the Denver U site about her experiences Beijing (there was a lot of don't tell my coach etc etc!)

I know a lot of gymnast must get homesick when they come to college, but Jessica Lopez had even more reason than others.  The language barrier.  In fact, she told a Denver newspaper that she spent the first part of her time at Denver sitting in class not understanding her teachers, and that she did nothing for leisure her entire Freshman year because doing homework in English took so long to complete she had absolutely no time.

Lopez is used to be being far from home, though.  She was selected for the National Venezuelan team at age ten, and moved far from her family to stay in the National Team boarding school from there onwards.  She has not lived at home since.

I am really hoping Jessica does well at Worlds.  Keep your fingers crossed that she achieves her goal and becomes the first Venezuelan woman to make it to the AA finals!

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