Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Pic from GYMBOX)

There was an article in the Chicago Tribune last week about Mackenzie and Bridgette Caquatto, talking up their talents, their elite chances and their sisterly bond.

It mostly tells us what we already know, that Mackenzie is at camp.  She may get invited to the next camp for eight of the girls etc etc.
It also talks about Bridget going to Chez Karolyii for the junior Pan Am selection camp.
The other little bit o' trivia it points out is that the Caquatti are the third set of sisters to be on the National team together, after the Schwikerts and the Kupets.

Then of course, it goes on to talk about the ugly fact of timing, like the fact that Mac had topull out of the Beijing run because of injury and do watered down routines at this years Nats, and how being at Florida may distract from serious international level training, though Faehn promises full support if she does.

I think Mackenzie will probably drop out of elite training after this years Worlds run.  And I think it would be wise.  I know it must be a really, really tough decision.  But she is going on to train at one of the NCAA College greats, where she can probably have a fantastic career.  It's not that I think she isn't good enough.  She is a terrific gymnast.  I just think it is about recognising that timing is the biggest B@#$% in gymnastics and opting for the quality of your gymnastics life over the slog of trying to reach another Olympics, so far away, or beat out several other girls, as talented, and sometimes more talented than you for Karolyi's favor is not such a bad thing.  

For Bridgette,on the other hand, the timing might just be a little better.  If she can just keep the injuries at bay...


  1. I think the litchy sister in the early 90's were both on the nat team at the same time

  2. Yeah, you are right. I reckon one was on junior national, and the other on senior national in about 92/93, like the Caquatti are now.