Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh Canada!!

(The not-so-mysterious Sydney Sawa)

As an apology for my insistence on lingering over the memory of my favorite Canadian gymnast, Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, or one-eyedly waiting for Peng Peng to come out of injury while blithely ignoring the rest of the upcoming Canadian talent to a point where I didn't even know who Sydney Sawa was, lets talk Canadian gymnastics for a minute!!

So, I have already mentioned that Mackie and Rogers fared very well at the Scherbo Cup this week, though they were pipped at nearly every post by the surging Belorussian.  It turns out, the girls were competing in this meet before returning home from a spell at a Russian training camp, where, it can be supposed, Lashin thought they could learn a thing or two from the greats.

This meet was particularly successful for Rogers, because she has been sitting out of competition since February, Lashin, the relatively new head of all thing Gymnastics coaching in Canada.  Sawa did not participate in camp or comp because of injury, an injury i am supposing will clear up soon as she has been named to the Worlds Team.

Sawa, as a kind- or possibly annoyed-at-my-total-ignorance, commenter pointed out, much to my personal chagrine,  is the Canadian National Champion.  

So, you know, she is good.

Sawa comes from the Calgary Gymnastics Centre and she took out both the AA and the bars titles at Can Nats this year.  She was clearly a surprise winer as the CanGym site told fans to look out for Mackie, Rogers, Dominique Pegg and Mirands Meyer.  No mention was made of either Sydney, or the second-place winner Cynthia Lemieux.  
Here is her winning bar routine (Or watch it HERE)

Sawa was a member of the 2007 World Team where she qualified at 43rd in the AA.  She was interviewed by the International Gymnast Magazine in 2009.  This interview was held at a point when she found herself, all of a sudden, with only one extra year of senior level gym at her disposal, as one of the most experienced team members.  She was also re-examining her gymnastics after  a rough training patch that led to  a less-than-expected performance in 2007. 
She told IG;

"These past couple of years have probably been the hardest to deal with in terms of emotional highs and lows.  I would have days where I could do anything my coached told me, and other days where I could barely make it through skills.  I have definitely changed my training strategy this past season.  I've been training more "day by day" and have become more efficient during practices. I have to admit, my confidence after the 2007 Worlds wasn't the highest, but I have learned from the experience and have gained huge amounts of confidence in competition and even in trainings."

Well, this overhaul of her methods seemed to have worked, to a point where she clearly surprised everyone with her Nationals wins this year.  Let's hope she has a great Worlds experience.


  1. Great post.

    Sydney is exactly the kind of gymnast that never seems to get as much attention as she deserves. Steady, durable, consistent.


  2. Yeah, her bars were great! Did I hear a rumour that she is going to UCLA?

  3. I was being kind, not annoyed :)