Sunday, September 27, 2009


(Yelena Piskun, tenth)

Youtube wunder-montager Mostepanovafan has been a little quiet of late.  But now she is BACK!
There are two new montages.  One is a continuation of her "Most Successful" gymnast collection, covering the 1993-1996 era (watch HERE ).

The other, which I found most exciting, is based on a little gymnastics element i have bitched about constantly over the last year.  The close-to-beam move.  Remember, back in the day, when the close-to-beam requirement in gymnastics was acted out with something more interesting than Shawn Johnson sitting side-saddle, flapping her arm around in a "here judges, here's my close to beam move" gesture and getting right back up again?

Well, if you don't, you better watch this.  Or if you do, you should watch this just to torture yourself with a longing for the exciting, original, graceful gymnastics of yore!
Watch it here or on Youtube

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  1. So, maybe its just me, but don't some of those skills look like they're are fish flopping around on their bellys?
    Nice variety, but some of those are just plain awkward looking.

  2. Many of these examples, while lovely, are quite old. It seems that to be competive in difficulty there just isn't enough time to perform such prolonged and inticate low beam work. The fault doesn't lie with the ladies so much as the people who wrote the COP. I am hearing the bell go off more and more prompting the ladies to hurry up and just get off the beam.

  3. The amount of time and research involved in these montages must be staggering. Thank you!

  4. WOW the moves in the beginning are awesome. I didn't even know that kind of stuff existed

  5. 2.47 - a hairstyle to give Shannon Miller a run for her money.

  6. Is that Filatova at 2:47?

  7. Those were simply amazing! Thank you both!


  8. Great montage! Although I must say that I like Shawn's little cartwheel to pose thing - so many girls today just sit down put an arm in the air and get back up.