Friday, September 18, 2009


(Photo from Prosport )

Current news reports state that Sandra Izbasa will be having an operation on her foot in the next few days to mend the tendon tear.  That and the cracked foot bones will keep her in a plaster cast for months and doctors say she will be unable to train for three to six months.
Nicolae Forminte told reporters that thinking about how long her recovery will take is premature, and that it is important to focus on the psychological recovery, which he believe is so much more significant.

Alin Javin, a World bronze medal winner on vault, spoke to journalists about his experiences of the same sort of injury.  He said of Sandra's psychological state, "I understand the inner pain and disappointment, it is important to have more faith and continue to fight.

I feel kind of evil talking about this in the same breath, but I wonder who will end up replacing Sandra?  Gabi Dragoi is the obvious choice, being the team reserve.  But she is injured. And she does cover some similar ground in her specialties.

At the Romanian International, Dragoi was competing a 6.0 difficulty on both bars and beam.  The problem here of course being, that as far as I can see, both Tamirjan and Porgras have compete a higher difficulty than her on beam, unless her routine has got harder, and there is no realistic way she is going to be competitive on bars, given the Chinese and her winning score at the Romanian International being with a 14.400.

She certainly cannot, replace Sandra on floor, though I suppose Chelaru, who was the highest ranking senior Romanian on floor at the Rom vs Spain meet and the Romanian International will have to do that. Tamirjan didn't perform at either, however at Milan, Anamaria was only competing a 5.5 difficulty, well below the leaders like Tweddle and what Izbasa was supposed to be marked from.

Then, of course, there is the Patrascu comeback.  Ceresela was a fairly strong vaulter.  She also, back at the Clermont-Ferrabd Euros, had a 6.5 difficulty on bars.  Who knows?  She may well at least move into reserve. But if she comes back more competitive than Gabriela on bars, Dragoi might still miss out, which would be sad.

Things aren't looking fabulous for Romania, but still, they are known for their tenacity....

I guess we will see after the Romania National this weekend.


  1. What is up with her ankle in this photo? Was it injured before she competed?

  2. Having watched the first day of Romanian Nationals, the general consensus seems to be that Romania may just send Porgras, Chelaru and Tamarjan as AA gymnasts.

    I don't know if you want to wait and watch the competition yourself but the top 3 AA results are at the link below!