Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Thanks to Gymnastike hosting user vids as well as their own, we can  now see more than Viktoriya Komova's (and all of Komova's -if you haven't seen them you must watch them) routines at the Japan Junior International last week.  We can now see US's Sophina DeJesus on floor, beam wonder Natsumi Sasada on vault and beam and Japanese vault winner Seira Suzuki on vault.

Sophina has what I think is a very cleverly choreographed floor routine. The dance is very dynamic and simple and rather than emphasise her lack of natural grace, it makes the most of the energy, style and sharp movement she obviously achieves through her hip hop dance training. Well played, SCEGA staff for that chorey. I was surprisingly into it right up until that butt shaking and hand-waving mess in the corner before her last pass. It redeemed itself for the final moves though. Watch it (or HERE)

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

Watch Seira Suzuki's 15.225 vault (or HERE). Nice high and dynamic. She stumbled a little at the end but it was powerful in the air.

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

Sasada unfortunately fell on her beam routine, and her rhythm was a little out at the start, but that gorgeous layout twist onto the beam was great and she really shows potential to be an event finalist of the future on beam. Go HERE to watch her AA beam routine.



  1. Love that Silivas flare! I've been wanting Nastia to do it, truth be told.

  2. There are also a lot more videos at the link below.


  3. Love these videos! and love your blog :)
    Watching the Visa Champs I was wondering what's with the split jump wolf jump connection? Is that a requirement now? Also the front ariel handspring layout step out connection? Everyone! I'm bored of it already!

  4. I never like the way this lady is performing in the snapshot, and exposing her self.