Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, we have seen Japan moving quietly back up the ranks in women's gymnastics for a while now.  Beijing gave them fantastic results, with a gymnast in an event final and a stunning fifth place in the team finals.  They are certainly going from strength to strength.  The Japanese have the same advantage as the Chinese, with a predisposition to short, slender statures.  They also seem to have a similar training style as they are often very graceful but have to work hard on strength.  They, like the Chinese several years ago, also need to work on their floor choreography as far as I am concerned.

As I mentioned yesterday, little Natsumi Sasada came second behind Komova in the all-around competition.  Sasada is a talented young gymnast who throws a full twist onto the beam for her mount!  This is a G rated skill in the code and is named for Kelly Garrison. Watch Sasada perform it (or HERE)

Natsumi Sasada comes from a gymnastics family.  Her mother is Yayoi Kano, a gymnast who was on five Japanese World Championship Teams.  Let's hope Sasada's rise among the juniors conitnues.  Beating out US  and Romanina junior gymnasts in an international competition is no small thing, yet she managed it.


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  1. CouchGymnast, her mount is actually even harder than a Garrison! A Garrison is a full twist in the tucked position, and she does it laid out! I don't think that is even named in the COP yet, wow!