Sunday, September 20, 2009


(I have no idea if this is from the JJI- in fact I am pretty sure it's not.
But Stelli'a a junior, he's Japanese, and what with her being Romanian and him being Nihongjen,
it's a very 'international' pic!!)

Well, the Japan Junior International is on from the 20th to the 25th of this month.  Not being able to speak Japanese (which is actually rather shameful considering I have worked in a Japanese restaurant for 7 years) it is hard to get information.  I know very little about what is happening in this competition this year.  But as a good little blogger, I feel I should tell you all I know! What do I know?

That it's a meet that has been happening for years.  The Japanese, being little gymnastics fiends, charmed by the insane cuteness of athletes like Korbut and Comaneci started it up a long time ago, and thanks to them we get some wonderful videos of our favorite old communist bloc era gymnasts competing when they were wee little things.
Here is a vid of a baby Lyssenko competing (or HERE )

I know Monette Russo of Australia competed there in 2003.

I know the U.S.A's Briley Cassanova, of WOGA Junior reputation is there.  And Sophine De jesus too.

I know Rebecca Bross won everything in sight last year, the AA and all 4 apparatus.

I know that (well I am guessing) that the talented little Romanian junior Raluca Haidu is there because she was unavailable for the Romanian Nationals due to 'international competition'.

I know that Emily Little and Emma Collister were the two Australian gymnasts chosen to go.

I know that this is the competition that the Japanese wanted to forbid the Romanians from entering after Milosovici and co did the nude posing business.

I am hoping that Natsumi Sasada, the lovely little gymnast who does the round off full twist onto the beam is there.  She is gorgeous to watch!

I know that in her last year as a junior, in 2005, Sandra Izbasa, won floor and vault at this competition.

I know that the countries sending gymnasts are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Belarus, Canada, China France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, South Korea, Holland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Untied States.

That's all I got!  Anyone care to share what they know about this year's competition?


  1. i think the guy in the picture with nistor is Tomita.

  2. Yeah, Nihongjen just means Japanese (not spelt right though) and I was just being silly.

  3. Thank you so much for the adorable Tatiana Lyssenko video!! She is one of my all-time favorites. Thank you also for your fantastic international coverage in general.