Friday, September 4, 2009

Holy Hell!!

So it seems those cheeky Romanians aren't even waiting for nationals until they pick a World's Team!!  Prosport just upped and announced the four who are going (thanks for the heads-up, Beatrice!!)

The Romanian Worlds Team, barring injuries and other major disasters is....





Gabriela Dragoi is reserve.

I don't know how I feel about that.  I love Dragoi.  Also, she was the only other gymnast in Beijing to make a final other than Izbasa.  (edit!!)  How sad she is left out.  But i believe there are nagging injuries she is dealing with.

But YIPEEEEEE!!! Ana Porgras is going!!  I freaking love that girl!!!

I am not in the least surprised about Sandra.  She is Romania's Nastia.  She was always going.  Only she's been training.

I am happy for Anamaria because she is simply a gorgeous gymnast and i love her floor routine.  She better nail that double layout !!

Chelaru hasn't really impressed me yet, but i do like her.  She got good experience in Milan, so all power to her.

The Romanians say their ambition is to win a medal.  All I can say to that is ..... Der. Who doesn't want a medal?  I'm sure the Tanzanian team want a medal too!!

So, happy clap claps for all the girls, especially Ana Porgras, and a sorry hug for Drags.  Hope she survives for more competition before those talented juniors take over.  

Read the whole article HERE if you read Romanian.


  1. Actually, at Euros Tamirjan was 2nd, Dragoi third

    Chelaru wasn't going to medal in the AA, so they might has well have sent Dragoi to do it! I don't like Chelaru, I think she's sloppy and her splits are not good, and anyone that knows me knows that bad splits are the deal breaker for me...

    I think it will be

    Tamirjan - AA
    Chelaru - AA
    Porgras - UB, BB
    Izbasa - FX

    all I know is Tamirjan and Porgras betta be in the BB finals! Chyah

  2. Dragoi won bronze at Euros and Tamarjan silver so she didn't beat Ana-Maria

  3. yeah, you know, i always forget it was the other way around! Why do I have it stuck in my head that Dragoi was second?! Maybe at the time I thought she was better? I'm not sure. Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. I'm kind of surprised they put Chelaru in because she's inconsistent. I mean, I can sympathize because she's a new senior and all, but I'm sort of shocked that the coaches are giving her a chance again. We'll see.

    SOOO excited about Porgras!!

  5. As far as i know, the rules are: each country brings 4 gymnasts but only 3 can compete. I'm pretty sure we'll see Tamarjan and Porgras doing the AA and Izbasa only at BB and FX. I don't think they will use Chelaru at all if the other three girls stay healthy.
    Also, there's a mention in the article that they might make some changes if one of the four becomes ill(they will use Dragoi after all).
    Dragoi is the only gymnast of the five that doesn't have the proper weight, that' why she ended up a reserve.