Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good News for India..

The Pune Mirror reported this week that Russian Coach, Vladimir Chertkov, who has been imparting his knowledge of the sport at home for thirty years, is now taking his depth of experience to India in the hope of improving their gymnastics training system and one day producing a champion at an event like the Commonwealth Games. 
In the interview, Vladimir stressed the absolute necessity of overhauling the training system in Russia and, just as importantly, making the system uniform across the country.  Chertkov asserted that is harder to convince other countries of the necessity of a centralised system because;

"Gymnastics is a part of Russian culture.  Taking part in gymnastics in Russia is like following a tradition.  It is not just "a sport" back there."

He attributes India's lack of success in the sport both to the  inconsistent training and a lack of exposure to foreign competition.  Vladimir also warned the gymnastics world not ignore India at next years Commonwealth Games, held in Dehli.

"Yes, we will surprise one and all. Don't count the gymnast out.  They will create history.  I am confident of a very good show."

It is unclear in this article wether this will affect both the mens and women's programs.

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