Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So, little Russian bucket o' talent Viktoriya Komova has taken out the Japan Junior International with a whoppingly big 59.800!  Her spectacular scores across the board were;

Vault: 15.100  
Bars; 15.450
Beam 14.950
Floor 14.300

This girl is gooood!  No one else even showed a score in the fifiteens. Or even the high fourteens....

In fact, to drive this point home, Komova's lowest score, the 14.300, was only topped three times by any other girl in the entire competition!!!

With this score, (and a greencard) she would have won the US Nationals, be the 2009 European Champion AND won the Russian Cup.  Phew!

To my happy-happiness, little Natsumi Sasada, Japan's bright hope whom I mentioned in my Junior International talk-up came second, beating out the USA'a Briley Cassanova.
Little Romanian Raluca Haidu was there, as predicted, and took 6th place.
Germany's lovely little junior, Desiree Baumert came in 8th.

Australians took 9th, with Emily Little, and 11th with Emma Collister.  I have to say, this is a little bit of a worry, because this is the second time this year that the Japanese have put in a much better showing than Australia, and we used to be about on par, in my opinion util Beijing, when the  (albeit slowly) rising Japanese beat us in the team competition.


  1. I want Viktorya in the worlds!!!!
    AGe limit rule derogation at once!1

  2. Is she really that good or were the judges just being generous? If everyone was scoring relatively high then her score is relative to that and therefore not that big of a deal...just wondering...are her routines posted anywhere?

  3. Responding to Anonymous #2: She's really THAT good! I think she's by far the best junior in the world right now. Besides, her scores in Russia should be taken into serious consideration (Russian Championships are known for underscoring all participant gymnasts).