Sunday, September 20, 2009


Gymnastics blog, Gymnicetic reported that the German Worlds Team has been announced.  The lucky German girls are;

Kim Bui
Elisabeth Seitz
Anja Brinker
Maike Roll

Of course, we al knew that Chuso is out due to another injury.

Am very happy to see Kim Bui, the National Champion on another team.  She isn't getting any younger, but she is certainly getting steadier!
Looking forward to seeing Anja Brinker's bar work again.  Perhaps she may make finals.  It was nce to watch her come in third at the Europeans in a relatively good field.

I don't know much about Maike Roll, but here is balance beam routine she competed at the Pre Olympic Youth Cup this year.  She is lovely and long, with good flexibility and surprisingly high layout-stepouts.  She has a touch of the Lia Parolari about her with her full turn with leg at vertical.
Or watch (HERE)

Elisabeth Seitz came second in the all-around this year, behind Kim Bui, and the Pre Olympic Youth Cup, proving her mettle for individual world championships.  She seems, by her scores to be quite a strong vaulter and floor worker but can also do well on bars.

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