Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, for the commenter who thought perhaps Viktoriya Komova may have been overscored at the Japan Junior International, that is, of course, always possible.  There are no videos that I can find yet.  But I think Komova is capable of insanely good scores, though.

Here is her getting a 15.400 at the WOGA Classic, compared to her 14.950 in Japan.  So even with kind judges, we know she has had the potential. (Or HERE)

And here she is getting a 15.300 at the Voronin Cup last year on floor, compared to her 14.300 in Japan (or HERE )

So, you can see Komova HAS the skills for the scores.

The only problem of course, is what we are all aware of. Will these kinds of skills wear her down before she is of age to compete with the big guns? Are they pushing her too hard? Will she make it to senior, or, like so many promising Russians fall by the talented pool wayside?

I sincerely hope not, and I sincerely hope that Ostapenko is (kindly) helping to lift Russian gymnastics back up again through his work with the junior. And I sincerely hope we get to see this little gun compete as a senior.

I really, really think the World Championships should have a junior competition. I think it is necessary. I know it will probably never happen at the Olympics, but I really do think it would help juniors become acclimatised to competition and become as big as the senior competition and maybe even help the Worlds become as important a competition as the Olympics is for our sport, which you know i think is absolutely necessary if you have read my old post  "It's Not The Olympics" .



  1. those routines were in a completely different code. FX, UB and BB scores will be about 6-8 tenths lower than last year.

    But, her D scores are still super high so she's capable of what she got at Japan Cup, and even more with hit routines, she must have had problems on BB and FX

    Her D scores are about this (and the E score in paranthesis)

    VT -5.8 (9.3 E)
    UB -6.3 (9.15 E)
    BB -varies, usually 6.3-6.4 (E in the mid 8's)
    FX -5.9-6.0 (E in the low-mid 8's)

  2. Exactly. I presumed readers would take the change of code into account, see she is still doing the same MAD skills, but getting 6 to ten tenths points less. I know she's totally capable, but that reader commenter seemed to doubt it. Thanks for the math, Marcus.