Sunday, September 27, 2009


So, inside gymnastics Twitter- rumored that Chelsea Davis has been looking at both UCLA and Georgia for college scholarships.  Chelsea also Tweeted something herself about enjoying seeing Jay- I am assuming- Clarke.  Maybe not.  Maybe they are just rumors.

As most of us now know, Davis has been out with a back injury and unable to take part in the Worlds selection circus.  I did say something the other day about how I wished I could just keep a gymnast like Chelsea safe until college.  I am getting so tired of untimely elite injuries ruining gymnasts careers.

Even though I think she is terrifically talented, and she was possibly the most surprising of the gymnasts to make it among the finals girls for the Beijing selection process, Davis is one of the gymnasts I would like to see for longer, therefore it is college I wish for her!  If those Gymnastike interviews with her proved anything, it is that she has a great personality, a sense of humor, an awesome coach and she would be a gift to any college team.

But which one?

What do you guys think?


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