Tuesday, September 15, 2009

China National Games Gossip...

People are avidly following the China Nats at the moment, and various tidbits have come out.

Aunt Joyce wrote a piece about He Kexins bar routines saying it was beginning to look laboured and muscled now she has gone through puberty.  I agree it looked a little laboured, but was more concerned with the sloppy legs.  So unlike the Chinese girls.  She had a bit of the Natia frog going on.

Others are saying Jiangy has hurt her wrist.  I hope it's not too bad.  Later, though apparently she has an Amanar, she did a Yurchenko full, confirming hurty rumours.

They also said Zhang Nan was looking a bit sad sack.  Seriously, when will this girl retire?  It's not like she is Zammo, and a newfound-edly shallow and desparate National federation needs her badly.  China must be sooo deep.  Maybe no one wants to tell her it is over.  Maybe they have.  Maybe she is a bit mad, like the old guy who is forced to retire and keeps coming back to work every day, and no one has the heart to tell him he doesn't work there any longer.  

He Kexin has some nice, if not slow new chorey;  I didn't love it. Didn't hate it either.  I don't, it just looked a little self conscious and weird.  Maybe she is now she has boobs!!!
I don't know.  Decide for yourselves. (or HERE)

I love her! Forget the bandaged knee! Put her on the team dammit!!!
 A gymnast called Guan Wenli is doing a front aerial to arabian!!!!! On beam! Der! (No, I just watched the video.  She does a standing Arabian, which is pretty cool, but not connected to anything. Dang!  Her front aerial was connected to a simple back tuck.  Oh well!

You know who I want to see on the Worlds team, if any changes were going to be made?
This little firecracker;

And Just for good measure, let's watch a Cui Jie video, not even from the National Games, but just cos she's cute!! (or HERE)  (I kinda love that she has sloppy hair too.  The Chinese girls never have messy hair!)


  1. I thought China's team was already announced?

    Yang Yilin, Jiang Yuyuan, He Kexin, Sui Lu

  2. Oh wow! Deng Lin Lin looks so much more confident! Those connections are some the sharpest that have cropped up in recent years.

    I have a theory that since Lin Lin isn't one of the big stars of Chinese gymnastics, she isn't being pushed as quickly as say, He Kexin. Besides, the team is interested in her for her consistency, whereas the way Kexin will help the team is by throwing big tricks.

    I miss Cheng Fei. When will she be back?

  3. Hello! check out Prosport's site: Cerasela partascu will compete at the Romanian nationals next weeked, on UB and BB!!
    On the other hand, Dragoi might be out because of injury.
    Also, I want to let you know that, because I am your fan, I will send you a few exclusive pictures from the competition. I'll email them to you on Monday. Kisses! Beatrice

  4. Beatrice! Thank you!! And thank you for the news! I am looking forward to seeing how Patrascu's comeback is coming!
    MS- Worldwide gym says that this is the team. I merely meant I want Deng if Jiangy is injured or something else happened.
    Because of it all- yep, that beam set was SOLID!

  5. If Jiang Yuyuan is injured, Huang Qiushuang deserves a chance. And Sui Lu over Deng Linlin as well, because Deng already got the Olympics, which is a big got.

    I am not sure what you mean about Guan Wenli? She does a (lofty) front aerial to Arabian here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD1vj_KiXKs
    Unless you mean it's not connected? Such unusual skills, especially for the Chinese!

    Cheng Fei is injured and will be taking a long break to heal. I am glad the Hubei team didn't pressurize her into performing. Cheng I cannot bear to see go the Zamo/ Zhang Nan route.

  6. Hey Couch Gymnast!

    have u seen this BB routine by Sui Lu? You should check it out... she is indeed talented and i see why they could use her on the World Team. She this neat turn combo on beam as well that i think u would love, lol

  7. Hi Anonymous at 2.57am, I just saw that vid before I checked this!! I am not sure if the video i watched was mislabelled the vid, cos it was a different girl. Yeah, that combo was cool, as was her connected full twist after it. Hot gymnastics!!