Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Up.....

So, Nastia pulled out.  Fair enough I suppose.  Realistically, she simply didn't have enough time to get her form back together before October.  Selfish as it is, it does make me wonder if Beth has a really good chance at a World medal again, though!
Also, with Shawn and Nastia well and truly out. it might shake up the medal podium lineups a bit- really signal a new age for gymnastics even though so many brilliant young 'uns all over the world  are still tied up, chomping the bit in junior competitions.  I am interested to see who steps up. I would get seriously happy if there was a Romanian on the beam podium, though i am not sure their difficulty is up to it.

A Beam Medal for this girl one day?  Here's hoping!


  1. Ana Porgras is our revelation! She's elegant, beautiful and with a great routine.

  2. I would love for Ana Porgras (or another Romanian) to medal on beam. I've heard Porgras has increased her difficulty on this event since Romanian Internationals so hopefully her execution doesn't suffer and she can really challenge! I guess we'll see at Romanian Nationals in a few weeks. I hope Beth can medal, also.

  3. I love when people make excuses for Nastia not being good enough. Nastia had the opportunity to train she chose not to. She chose to run to NY after Classic instead of train. She chose to run to LA to see Evan 3 times in the last few months.

    She isn't going to worlds for what she chose to do. No one forced her. Imagine if Shawn had expected to make this team with virtually no training competing one event at Nationals. The up roar would be heard in Russia.

  4. Beth had more of a chance to medal at worlds than Nastia ever had this year. Hello? She hadn't even competed bars in a major competition yet and Beth is European champion.

  5. Yeah, I'm glad Nastia's pulling out, because now we can focus on more up and coming talent. I'm sure if she was serious about training, her sponsors could work around her schedule, like they did before she won the Olympics.