Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Worlds Teams..

So, Mihaitza put up a brief new article on the Romanian Gymnastics girls training at Deva that was in the news this week on youtube and I thought I would share it with y'all....

Or watch it on Yutube here (!)(thanks to the reader who pointed out it wasn't always working when I embedded vids. here's the link they asked for!)
It's all in Romanian so I have not a clue what it says, but it features Sandra talking, Anamarie Tamirjan and Ana Porgas talking as well as Nicolae Forminte and much juicy training footage.  It made me wonder, who the hell is going to Worlds from the Deva camp? 
Hmmm.  Izbasa of course, but who else?  Dragoi?  She finalled at Beijing and medalled highest in Milan.  Tamirjan?  I wonder if she's injured still.  Is Porgas old enough?  Cos that beam routine ROCKS!!!  I can't really see Chelaru getting a medal. 
Oh, I can't wait to find out!  But then, that news article could have said and I wouldn't even know.  I recognised the word 'Buna' which means good (i think!).  That's about it!!


  1. Ok, I'll answer your questions and point out the main ideas from the video :)
    Dragoi and Tamarjan still suffer from some misterious pains and cannot train at their best. Gabriela says she resumed training on all 4 apparatus, but she finds it hard to work again at vault and floor. Anamaria just states that hard work comes first, then the satisfactions. As a remark, it is Tamarjan that medalled higher in Milano (she got the silver and Dragoi the bronze).
    Izbasa has a new floor routine and wants to compete on all 4 apparatus.
    Chelaru is cleaning up her routines.
    Yes, Ana Porgras is old enough!! She also resumed training on all 4 apparatus and hopes for the AA too.
    We'll see how the coaches will deal with this "only 3 gimnasts per apparatus at Worlds" rule...

  2. Thanks for the debrief Yanna!! Whoops, yr right, Tamirjan did go one higher- wrong way!Yeah, it will be interesting to see how they go about making this tricky selection. God i can't stand the no team comp years.

  3. I really really hope they take Ana Porgras. Her beam is gorgeous and from the brief glimpse of her floor routine, she looks like a lovely dancer.

    Perhaps not at these worlds, but in the future I could see her as Romania's biggest AA threat.

  4. THANKS for the youtube link!!! I have also found out that if I right-click on the empty space (ctrl-click on apple) there is a menu choice to "watch on youtube" but everyone might not know that, so the link is much appreciated!