Monday, August 24, 2009


Yay!  Yay!  Yay!!!!

The Couch Gymnast is jumping for Joy!!!!!!!!

The International Gymnast Online has published an article/interview with my dearly loved/sadly missed favorite gymnast South of the Border, Elsa Garcia.
The good news, Elsa has her eye on London!!
It was terribly depressing when Garcia didn't make it to Beijing, because of an injury that hindered her qualification in Stuttgart and then missed out on a wild card draw.  But now, Elsa is all better and back in training.  She s, happily injury free, has changed all her routines and is working hard.
The smart, insightful and wise girl told IG why she hadn't given up,

"First of all I can't give up on something that gives fills me with happiness and that I still enjoy very much.  
Second, I know who I am, and what I am capable of doing if I set my mind to it, so there's nothing like training and setting new goals to keep myself motivated.  
Of course, not every day is a great day, but overcoming the hard parts is what makes us realize why we are doing this."

Her new bars mount is (running) jump to handstand pirouette.
She has two vaults, a one-and-a-half Yurchenko and a Podkopeyeva
She is training a double layout on floor.  Woot!

Read the rest of the article HERE

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