Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Will she or won't she?

So Nastia has said she is going for it.  Her pa says he'll let her go if she's ready.  Marta probably wants her Olympic star to be there.
But the question is, is Nastia, as reigning AA Champ, ready for worlds?
There's been a few rumbles in gymland that she won't be.
That she may be "injured".
That she may not be able to get her routines codeworthy and polished in the brief time between now and Worlds.
Is Nastia going to the Ball?
If so, can she win gold on bars and beam?
Can she compete against those who went straight back to the gym after the Olympics (which, I think it's safe to say, would be true of the Chinese girls)?

What do you guys reckon????


  1. She's off working at a IGC camp at the moment - not training - with about 50 days until she lands in London. I think not.

  2. Sad to say this, but I don't think she is. Her beam routine is nowhere near gold-medal worthy and we have yet to see any of her other routines. Especially with all the other girls who could contend for the four spots (Sloan, Bross, Hong, Peszek, Kayla Williams) she might not be ready. But then again, she has surprised us before.

  3. I hope she cleans up form sufficiently to make it. However, while I think her competitive experience is a major asset, I don't think other, less experienced, athletes who may be more prepared should be passed over just to let her on the team for the sake of it. But as she says herself - there is still a long time to go - and I would love to see a return to full competitive form on her behalf. And if she does go... I'm afraid I'm not sure that I can see her winning - there is a lot of competition out there and I'm sure she would need to improve on her skill level.

  4. Last time people counted Nastia out, she proved them wrong. My best educated guess is that she'll do the same now.

  5. I love her, but I seriously don't think she will be ready and able to make much of a contribution to the team. It would be sad to leave her off, but her beam is still seriously watered down and Gymnastike doesn't seem to have ever recorded her training more than the dismount of her bars in terms of skills, so I don't know if she can even do the routine. People who only remember 2008 Nastia forget how inconsistent she used to be and I think we may see that again if Marta tries to pressure an underprepared Nastia to go to worlds because she wants her olympic star present. I actually think showcasing her internationally at less than full health could harm her scores long term.

    I think there are 5 on the team this year? So I would like it to be:
    Sloan - AA, UB/FX EF
    Hong - AA, BB EF
    Bross - FX/UB EF
    Hunter - VT/FX EF
    Peszek - BB EF

    No way should Kayla Williams be going yet, her floor leaps are so terrible the execution score is going to be ridiculous with this new code. She is promising in the long term, though.

  6. I think Nastia can accomplish quite a bit, as her past has shown (tough year in 07, pulled through to make it to 08 Olympics). But I do have doubts about whether or not she can medal at Worlds. I think she'd have to disappear, literally - no interviews, appearances, nothing - and just train her butt off. Her priorities seem to be improving her gymnastics, so hopefully she'll improve fast enough for worlds :)

  7. Did Nastia every say she was "going for it" ? I thought that any time anyone asked her about doing AA at worlds, she would just reply, "I'm keeping my options open." Or something like that. Anyways, I don't think that she ever definitively say that she's doing AA. The rumors are that she has a sore shoulder. Anyways, she's at IGC right now, supposedly training.

  8. To Sam above: Nastia was never inconsistent, she had a severe injury that caused her to have mistakes some on 2007 and all of 2007.
    I don't think Nastia is ready to go. In 2005 and 2008 she was solid as a rock sans injuries. I personally would like to see Sloan, Bross, Hong, and Peszek go. Even if she is all around olympic champion, she can't contend with these girls yet. I don't see her beam now improving to be medal worthy on a world level.