Monday, August 17, 2009

Where in the World is...

Chelsea Davis?


Is she injured?



Miss the bus?

Down a dark hole?

Can anyone tell me?

I'm worried she is lost, out there alone, in the dark and cold, in only her Texas Dreams leo and handgrips looking for the American airlines stadium.

Though in reality, being the ditz I am, I missed the news that she was injured or some such thing.

(by the way, did you know that if you image search Chelsea Davis you get these horrible photos of some competitive diver smacking her face on the diving board?!  Holy ouch!  It looked BAD!)


  1. Injured and trying to decide if she'll continue last I heard. The latter bit might have been someone editorializing though.

  2. I have zero idea, but it looks like she was at least there training?!

  3. she had a stress fracture in her back and was not training until days before Visa's

  4. I know I had wondered that too....hope she gets better and continues competiing. I think she's great!!!

    Also I was wondering does anyone know where Rhegan Courville is? She was at the Classic and qualified to nationals...I haven't been able to find anything about why she was never on the roster for nationals. Anyone know?

  5. I know Rheagan was out with an injury...not sure if it was her elbow again or what. But she was planning to compete at least as late as the 3rd. I was also disappointed to not see her. She has had some really unfortunate injuries at the wrong times :(

  6. She has still been training at Texas Dreams - I see her around every week. She was injured, a fracture in her back. And a few other minor aches and pains. Her first meet back was Metroplex Challenge (2010) - and she plans to compete all 4 events at Buck Eye. She has also made the commitment to University of Georgia for school.